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Want to see your film listed on Trailers.so? No problem! The only thing we require is that your film have a single video (minimum), be it a trailer, behind the scenes clip, interview or featurette. Trailers.so cannot list films that do not have any related videos for hosting.

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    Tell us about your video clip. Is it for a movie? Is it related to an episode? Choose the right title.

  • Send it over

    Choose the video file, or enter an address where it can be found. In the meantime, take a coffee or start a new upload.

  • Get the link

    A link of your video is now generated, and will never expire. Feel free to share it!

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    Your video is now also available on Trailers.to, and always will be. Watch it anytime you wish!

  • First, tell us for which movie/episode you want to upload the video clip:

Upload your video clip/trailer on Trailers.to

The easiest way to store your favorite video clips: choose the right title, load each video and get a link that will always be available.

There is no limit on file size, number of uploads or views, however, in order to keep our library clean:

  • The uploaded file should be a standard video/mp4 x264 file
  • We will convert it to the appropiate format, optimized for web streaming
  • If we already have it in our library, you will have the link for it, without necessarily fully finishing your upload
  • If you have a better quality version, your version will be uploaded and we will forget about ours
  • If you have a lower quality version, we will give you our better version instead, without necessarily fully finishing your upload
  • If another person will upload a better version of your video, the link you already have will reflect the new version (no action needed on your side)

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