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Labor Pains (2009)

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6/10: just for Lindsay Lohan It...
Friday, April 30, 2021

just for Lindsay Lohan It is certainly predictable, banal but the charm and beauty of the protagonist make it watchable.

9/10: An "okay" comedy. Accepted. You...
Tuesday, December 15, 2020

An "okay" comedy. Accepted. You'll laugh some times It's a traditional comedy movie. It demonstrates a very big lie and nobody finds out. In other words, if you watch it, don't expect to see logic in the movie, because sometimes there is noLindsay Loha has a good acting but her character is a little crazy (probably to be able to make the movie fun)Some scenes have a little of "forced humor", but in the end it completes the goal of provide a fun timeIf you like simple comedies, with no commitment to reality you'll like this movie.Great to watch on a rainy afternoon in vacation like I did 😋🏝

1/10: Not worth the watch I...
Thursday, December 10, 2020

Not worth the watch I had a hard time getting through this film, especially when it kept hinting at how it was going to end. The acting was terrible, nothing about the movie was funny and so many things made me cringe. Why did this make it to film. I see how the idea of the movie about someone faking a pregnancy could have been good. If they would have chosen better actors, better script, and made it less predictable and cliche it might of had some potential! The worst part of the entire movie was the unrealistic ending. If a person in real life lied and prayed on your sympathies, about being pregnant, I don't think EVERYONE would forgive her, letting her get the dream job, friends and perfect guy. I think in reality you would think this person has some mental issues and needs help.

7/10: I liked it I recently...
Tuesday, October 6, 2020

I liked it I recently became a mother myself, and so "fondly" remember being pregnant. Although i realise that this movie is about a fake pregnancy, many of the things that happen and the reactions of the people around her are realistic and made me feel reminiscent of my pregnant days. I kind of understood why she started to get into faking it. It isn't a blockbuster movie but it does feel close to home, which ironically is what the book in the movie is trying to do too, by showing a real insight into a pregnant woman's life and how pregnancy changes you. Overall i enjoyed it and did laugh in places.

4/10: Not as bad as you...
Saturday, January 11, 2020

Not as bad as you might have heard. It ain't great, though. Labor Pains is a farce in which a secretary in a toxic workplace fakes a pregnancy to avoid getting fired, and it starts off with a fallacy. You can, in fact, get fired while pregnant. You just can't get fired for *being* pregnant. This movie makes no distinction between the two concepts, determined to hang onto its gimmick, and Lohan's character gets talked into extending the fakery by her best friend played by Hines, a character who later winds up being the one to tell her she's going too far. With the plan she came up with in the first place. There are so many inconsistencies in this movie, but the actors keep up the farcical tone well enough that a casual viewer is willing to keep watching. This movie is like seasonal flavored potato chips: you know you're gonna regret it later...

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