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The Borderlands (2013)

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2/10: Another found footage hocus-pocus...
Friday, October 31, 2014

Another found footage hocus-pocus story without scary or intense moments "The Borderlands" provides evidence that an IMDb score isn't necessarily a guarantee that a film is bad or excellent. I've seen movies that had a low score there and still surprised me. This would-be horror still gets an exceptionally high score, but I found it depressingly bad. I even read someone's opinion in which he suggested that he was afraid to look at the screen because it was too psychotic and shocking. I'm sure I've seen the censored version, because there was really nothing horrible or terrifying in this film.To be honest I also had trouble watching this movie, but this because of the urge to fall asleep all the time. "The Borderlands" tries to profit from the hype of found-footage films. It's a kind of "The Amityville Horror", but this time set in a church, mixed with a bit...

8/10: Now there's something REALLY...
Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Now there's something REALLY scary in the Catholic church. The second in my horror double bill (after Afflicted), The Borderlands upped the ante substantially and, though sleep was not something I rushed to afterwards, what a way to end my screenings! When Father Crellick (Luke Neal), a young priest trying to make his mark, reports miraculous occurrences in his West Country church, the Vatican sends a team of paranormal investigators to examine the evidence and find the logical explanation behind the hysteria. Lead by Mark (Aidan McArdle), a priest with an attitude and a chip on his shoulder, and backed up by Vatican outsider Deacon (Gordon Kennedy) and non-believer technician Gray (Robin Hill), the trio attempts to make sense of each other, the town, and something that may not exist. Or just might be very, very evil.Elliot Goldner's feature debut is a low-budget chiller that is high on tension and genuinely frightening. Using a crumbling...

8/10: Good luck with Edward Woodward...
Thursday, April 17, 2014

Good luck with Edward Woodward...... Another found footage movie gets released, and seeing as this was released on DVD literally a week after its cinema release, with the cover bearing quotes like 'best British horror released in a long time', alarm bells did begin to ring.But Mark Kermode, one of the most prolific British film critics recommended it, and if you know his work, you will know that this would make the film seem very intriguing.It starts off like any other found footage film. Cameras are set up, and we have the believer, and the non believer, who work together as there has been a disturbance at a village church.Gray is there to set up all the audio and cameras (after all, it's the main focus point of the narrative), and Deacon is the man who does this for a living, much like Karras in The Exorcist, but this is played by Gordon Kennedy, who you...

5/10: Smile! You're on Catholic...
Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Smile! You're on Catholic candid camera... First of all I will state that I really, really REALLY don't like "found- footage" movies and I don't deliberately seek out any of them to watch. That doesn't mean, however, that I'm automatically against every found-footage movie ever made, and I will always try to remain objective in my opinions if I do come across one. So, when I was on a business trip last week, I stayed in a hotel where "The Borderlands" was playing on the complementary free channel and watched it as much open-minded as possible. Well, I didn't like it but at least it contains several strong and memorable aspects in comparison to other - and often far more successful - found-footage flicks, for example an intriguing background story and setting (the Catholic Church and a remote little parish in godforsaken England), identifiable characters (a cynical loner and a talkative Curious George...

6/10: Not bad, but nothing that...
Monday, June 30, 2014

Not bad, but nothing that new Two words sum up 'The Borderlands.' And those words are 'found' and 'footage.' If you're into your modern horror films then you will already have stumbled upon this genre. It's the type where everything is filmed from the 'first person' perspective and involves lots of shaky hand-held camera-work.'The Borderlands' is an example of this, albeit, instead of an American 'Blair Witch' style film, we have a British version, where two priests and a cameraman 'investigate' a possible miracle in an isolated church in the British countryside.The first half of the film is basically 'scene-setting.' We watch the central characters bicker and rip on each other as we get to know them. Fair play to the writer here, as the dialogue is pretty snappy and humorous which makes it an easy watch. However, the character of the cameraman just comes across a little over-the-top sometimes. He...

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