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The Borderlands (2013)

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A film that had a...
Friday, April 1, 2022

A film that had a very good horror atmosphere and was great in this respect. Sometimes it froze in the back, but that's all this film has to offer. The end of the film was wrong and de facto the whole film sent to the bottom. We didn't know at all what it cost so far and how it would turn out, except that the main characters of the film were probably fires. The film lacked a revelation or something to scare you. It's a huge pity because it could have been a very good and high-quality film, I rather rank it among the average, but with a very good horror atmosphere, which many horror films lack.

<I>If it wasn't...
Friday, April 1, 2022

If it wasn't a miracle, then what was it? This found footage journeys through what you believe is the truth and a miracle. And what you would want to keep hidden as a secret and lie. Especially when dealing with religious and paranormal elements added into the story. This really could've been spookier than this but it works well to give you that atmosphere. Love the chemistry between Deacon and Gray. Overall, this folk horror style of found footage is pretty much up my alley. Especially with how it ends.

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