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The Harvest (2013)


> The truth always finds its...
Saturday, July 4, 2020

> The truth always finds its way out. The Majority of us don't even this movie is exist. Because they never promoted it and it never theatrically released. But I came across and accidentally found it, then I decided to give it a try like my usual support for the unnoticed flicks. In fact, the movie surprised me, the story was so much better than I thought, I mean awesome. But the movie had its own defects which lets it down. From the director of 'Wild Things', another decent suspense-thriller after almost 15 years. Facially I recognised some of the actors, but did not know their names, except Michael Shannon. This story is set in a rural town, and most of the scenes were shot in an isolated house and its surroundings. A young girl Maryann, who moved to live with her grandparents after her parents' death, befriends a lonely, very sick boy Andy who has always been in...

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