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Poetic Justice (1993)


8/10: Loved It
Tuesday, July 27, 2021

All in All, Poetic Justice is a realistic hood love drama story. The film also serves as a reminder that you can let your guard down and fall in love with a rapping mailman while still maintaining what makes you yourself. Also one thing I will give John Singleton credit is that he really knew how to bring the acting down to the rappers. Tupac's performance was just as you expected from Tupac just like all of the other iconic movies he was in like Juice and Above the Rim. I mean all of those movies and even in Poetic Justice, he's playing a hood dude so go figure what do you expect lol. All jokes aside his delivery and emotional range really surprised me and I don't mean delivery as in delivering mail packages. It's not the best Tupac performance I've ever seen but it will still do. Also Janet Jackson was great too...

7/10: great film... with one small exception
Saturday, October 30, 1999

Poetic justice was a good film, and well acted, with one exception. To me, Janet Jackson simply wasn't convincing in her role. Through no fault of her own. I believe the problem was that she is too big an entertainment personality to be able to play anyone besides herself. It's difficult for the audience to get past the fact that it's "Janet Jackson" on the screen and see the character. Similar to when Madonna tried to portray Evita Peron. A strong character, and a good story, but you couldn't help seeing "Madonna" every time you look at the screen. I realize big names are intended to boost box office sales, and I respect that too. After all, show business is BUSINESS. Still, I think it would be good if casting directors would hire good actors instead of known celebrities and respect the integrity of the writing, as well as the audience

8/10: good flick
Saturday, January 29, 2011

the only reason i don't rate this film higher is because i always thought it was a tad long. john singleton, i love your work! like spike lee ( with a lot of his films) and ice cube (with 'friday' and 'barbershop') you've caught a time and place that's only clear to those that have lived it, or at least have knowledge of its existence. all of you capture black young'uns (east and west coasts) as they were lived during the times depicted in the films. wonderful stuff! great acting, solid story, everything is more heartfelt than not, it's why i go to the movies! i hope u and spike and ice cube and tyler perry (silly as he can b!) and the whole slew of other black filmmakers continue for many years to come. i love your work, your honesty and your sincerity. this is good movie-making, maya angelou's poetry is a plus...

4/10: Self-conscious, and so cynical as to be self-damning
Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Rarely have I seen a modern movie about romance that was so angry and bitter--and all without purpose. The Maya Angelou poetry seems out-of-place in a story about a beautician's rocky courtship with a troubled postman in South Central L. A., and yet it practically sounds like music next to all the "F--- you"'s and N-words. Some may argue this constant foul language is "realistic", but the majority of the film is unconvincing in its relationships (which are puzzling, to say the least). Janet Jackson has a sweet smile, and looks attractive in her corn-rows and floppy hats, but the mercurial tone of the picture is up and down, back and forth, and finally we just give up on 'Justice' and all her scowling friends. And what about that ratty beginning at the drive-in? *1/2 from

8/10: Tupac Shakur's all too brief career
Monday, February 18, 2019

John Singleton's "Poetic Justice" might be of interest nowadays for the presence of Tupac Shakur, who was shot dead three years after the release. But more than that, it's a soft, positive look at relationships in South Central. Janet Jackson plays the title character, who accompanies some friends to Oakland. While the movie does have some intense scenes, the poetry narration - hence the title - moves everything along.Released the year after the Rodney King riots, it shows the desperate situation in which large numbers of people in South Central live, making efforts to get by without trouble (no easy task). These are complex characters, each with something to add. I recommend it

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