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Don't Think Twice (2016)


**Just spit it out whatever...
Monday, June 8, 2020

**Just spit it out whatever comes to your mind!** From the director of 'Sleepwalk with Me', another similar kind of theme, but this time a little bigger that concerns a group of people. The film was focused on the members of an improv troupe called the Commune. They are not the big shots, but everything was going well with their performances. Soon the Commune begins to fall apart when one of the member decides to try on his luck in a bigger platform. Slows the troupe loses its charm and what is its future was told on the later parts. I can't say it is overrated, but I did not find it funny or entertaining. The story of the film characters, like how they fall apart and how they try fix it was very interesting. Like it said in the film, the comedies looked funny, but it was not. Honestly, I did not get that improv part. Maybe because...

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