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Lost in London (2017)


6/10: Innovative, ballsy idea that still managed to be a bit dull
Friday, January 20, 2017

When Lost in London was previewed I was immediately taken with the idea. For those of you unfamiliar with it, this was billed as the world's first ever film to be shot live and broadcast into theaters simultaneously, in one big take from the streets of London. Risky, and fascinating. I was reminded of the type of audience-intense atmosphere present at the "choose your own path" interactive experiments of the 1990s. While it was in fact pulled off quite well, the film suffers from attempts at humor mostly falling flat, and a story that turns out to be not all that interesting.The brainchild of Woody Harrelson, this is a semi-true retelling of events of a night that spiraled out of his control and landed him in prison, leaving him with some serious questions to ponder about himself, his friendships, and the direction of his life. Particularly his relationship with his wife, who kick starts his terrible...

8/10: Incredible technological feat marked by great performances
Friday, January 20, 2017

It's weird to categorize this as just a film because this was a one-time event experience that took place and was broadcast into theaters live. I only knew of its existence because of Fathom Event advertisements before movie screenings with Woody Harrelson declaring this to be a story about one of the worst nights of his life. That limited engagement and experimental approach to filmmaking was part of the appeal and what ultimately drew me into the theater to see it.One camera. One take. One chance to get it right.This production was the brainchild of Woody Harrelson who was the writer/director and star. It followed the story of one night in London where he became estranged from his wife after news surfaces of his involvement in less than savory affairs, rendering him lost in the London night life in the emotional sense.To say this is more of a stage play undermines the complexity of...

6/10: woody
Monday, June 10, 2019

I love Harrelson work, I like a lot his acting and I find him very charismatic and funny too. This movie didn't disappoint me in that way, but it's more an experiment as a one shot "live" (I didn't watch it live, though...) movie than what you would expect of a movie, with a pace, cuts, different camera angles, etc. This feels almost as an action movie, as it's always in motion, up and down with no break. It actually has a story line though, it's not a documentary type of movie. Problem for me is I'm not very keen of hand held camera movies. By times (a lot in the beginning) the camera was too shaky and annoyed me quite a lot. I understand and appreciate the difficulty of the way this movie's been done, but in the end, watching it now a couple years after the live screening, it's not...

8/10: Perhaps with enough feathers you can fly
Thursday, January 19, 2017

This is a new and different type of film from what we Americans are used to. The acting was very good - I would not be surprised if some of the 'nobody' actors end up in larger Hollywood roles soon. From a technical perspective it was simply amazing... just one camera follows along on one shoot for 1.5+ hours with 25+ audio techs managing 150+ microphones and cast of 300+ plus people. I wish I had a friend like Owen. Willy Nelson's scene was the highlight for me musically as well as the vibe of that scene. There was other good music so I'd like to see the soundtrack overview. (I stayed afterwards with 12 people who paid $15 each for the after-film Q&A to learn additional details, some of which were worthwhile) If this is released in a non-live version I'd recommend this being offered with technical notes and an interview of Mrs...

6/10: An experiemental film shot live and streamed was an achievement. An okay drama, but less of a quality film in it's own right
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Woody Harrelson comes off the stage in another mediocre London West End theatre production. Over the course of the evening his marriage to his wife (Eleanor Satsuura) breaks down due to an indisctrion which makes its way to the front page of a tabloid, but after an apparent fight with friend Owen Wilson he leaves a nightclub and gets into an altercation with a taxi driver that lands him in jail.A piece of experiemental cinema whereby the film was shot in real time and streamed to a live cinema audience in the USA and then the UK on the 19th January 2017. The idea is incredibly bold and well executed with some aspects of the film working very well, others less so. Modern technology and smaller GoPro type cameras have allowed for this type of film to be executed, but it is also well choreographed. For this alone, Harrelson should be praised

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