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We're No Angels (1955)

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7/10: On the BIG screen & with...
Friday, December 18, 2009

On the BIG screen & with an audience, it is delightful! Much better than watching it alone... Here are my notes from introducing the film... WE'RE NO ANGELS premiered September 23, 1955 and was produced and distributed by Paramount in Technicolor & VistaVision!This version does not star Robert DeNiro or Sean Penn, that was a sort of remake made in 1989.It was based on the French play by Albert Husson, "Kitchen Of The Angels" and with a screenplay written by Ranald MacDougall. The working title of this film was Angels Cooking.On Broadway in 1953 a droll, tender romp called "My Three Angels." Based on the same French play, was adapted by Bella and Sam Spewack about some nice Devils Island inhabitants and a trio of convicts. When this film came out, the Spewack's sued and the result of that lawsuit was never disclosed.Two key talents of the studio system actor Humphrey Bogart and director Michael Curtiz...

7/10: "I'll say one thing...
Sunday, October 3, 2004

"I'll say one thing for crooks, they give you an honest day's work." Consider the casting for the three leads in "We're No Angels" - Humphrey Bogart, Peter Ustinov and Aldo Ray. It doesn't seem to work on paper, but in this film, the trio have such a comedic rapport that the film winds up a delight. The setting is Christmas Day 1895, and all three are escaped convicts from Devil's Island with the notion of returning to Paris aboard a ship anchored in Cayenne harbor. What starts out as a casual afternoon to steal some money and kill some time, turns into a mission for the amiable villains. They spot a likely target, the shop of proprietors Felix and Amelie Ducotel (Leo G. Carroll and Joan Bennett). Offering their help to fix the shop's roof, they eavesdrop their way into the lives and hearts of their hosts, which also includes daughter Isabelle (Gloria Talbott...

10/10: Classic Film everyone should know...
Thursday, August 18, 2016

Classic Film everyone should know Some films don't age, they start perfect and stay perfect. Three angels came to earth even if they just came down from the roof. Two murderers and a forger are hoping to escape Devil's Island but find themselves swept into the lives of Ducotel family—Felix, Amelie, and Isabelle. The simple joy of the family touches the hearts of the three convicts: even though Joseph (Bogart) insists they are going to beat their heads in and cut their throats; just as soon as they wash the dishes. But when cousin Andre (Basil Rathbone) arrives, the three men are pleased; he is so hateful, they now have a genuine object to plot against. With some assistance from their pet Adolphe, the convicts manage to put things "right" before cousin Andre and nephew Paul have Felix put into prison. Watch the scene wherein Joseph, Albert, and Jules argue among themselves as how to warn Andre...

10/10: "If crime showed on a...
Friday, December 21, 2012

"If crime showed on a man's face,there would be no mirrors" The setting for this movie is 1895, Devil's Island. The story unfolds around Christmas time and what a delightful tale it is to be seen. Michael Curtiz directs a cast that makes you feel like the characters in the story are family. I know a bit offbeat and with a bit of dark humor at times. The movie shines with real heartfelt emotion. It truly is one of my favorite movies, not just at Christmas time but anytime. If you are a Bogart or Ustinov fan you deserve to treat yourself to this little gem.Aldo Ray is simply wonderful as the muscular backup to our three angels. Basil Rathbone is perfect in his character. If you see the movie you will know what I mean. The song "Sentimental Moments" is such a sweet little song. I wish it this were in circulation on TCM or...

8/10: Bogey surprises again. Despite being...
Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bogey surprises again. Despite being fans of 1950's films, we hadn't seen this until we bought it recently on DVD. What a lovely film it turned out to be, with Bogey leading an excellent cast in a charming story with great heart. As we have grown older, we have started to appreciate Humphrey Bogart more and more, and as has been noted, he has a very good touch with light, understated comedy. Leo G Carroll takes it easy as the store manager, and he and Joan Bennett as his wife have several very nice scenes together, especially the one around the piano which reminded me of a similar one in 'Meet me in St Louis'. All in all, a beautifully-crafted film with just the right amount of corn and sentimentality, ideal for those quiet Sunday afternoons. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying 'they don't make them like this anymore' - and isn't that...

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