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Searching for Sugar Man (2011)


An endlessly fascinating and compelling...
Tuesday, August 2, 2022

An endlessly fascinating and compelling story involving Rodriguez, a talented American singer-songwriter that should have been a household name, but instead quickly faded into obscurity. Long rumored to have died under tragic circumstances, his music develops a cult following among the Afrikaner youth. Rebelling against the oppressive and isolationist system of Apartheid, Rodriguez's music becomes a soundtrack for their lives. The documentary unfolds like a mystery story with unexpected twists and turns along the way. As the audience is taken on this journey, we are introduced to Rodriguez's songs (including some previously unreleased material) which while reminiscent of Bob Dylan and other artists on the scene in the early 1970s, the music is distinctly his own. A must see documentary for music fans.

An unlikely and interesting story...
Wednesday, April 6, 2022

An unlikely and interesting story that is part historical, part investigation and ultimately satisfying. The historical backdrop of South Africa's dictatorship years and of the lack of communication it had with the outside world are key in understanding why this strange story could happen in the first place.

An interesting story in a...
Wednesday, April 6, 2022

An interesting story in a well driven story and high quality cut. However, it tries to be much more epic than what it actually is.

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