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Complete Unknown (2016)


**A woman with many faces...
Monday, June 8, 2020

**A woman with many faces!** No doubt this was wrongly labelled as an average film. The title, the story, the performances, all stood to my expectation. I jumped into it prepared for another boring film. Indeed, it was a slow narration, at least in the initial parts. That twist in the early mid sect unleashed the bright side of the tale. Not knowing what to expect, I thoroughly got entertained for the rest of the film. It all was a day event. In fact, most of the story happened on one night. Though for a brief moment in the opening, they have shown us events from the different timelines. Just to convince us. Alice, who befriended a man while in the lunch, decides to attend a birthday party of his friend with him. But that night the things change as some secrets about her was revealed. Then event takes a different path with different adventure revealing more about about her...

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