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Complete Unknown (2016)


7/10: A confusing openended view of the act of confusion
Saturday, October 1, 2016

Complete Unknown is a frustrating look at a woman (Rachel Weisz as Alice) who 15 years ago vanishes from her former life only to turn up again for one night at the birthday party of her Ex Boyfriend Tom. The tale she reveals is one of having lived a life of fabrication for the last 15 years and having made up so much of who she presents herself to be no one's quite sure who she is any more, including her. She comes straight for one time to the last person to ever know who she really was before she went off, Tom, and Tom gets to have at least part of the story told to him straight, in perhaps Alice's failed cry for help that ultimately leads nowhere. The movie is very elusive and understated much like the very real condition it describes and like that condition you're not quite sure what's going on, what...

3/10: Not that great! 3/10
Sunday, December 24, 2017

Review: I was surprised that this movie went under the radar, mainly because Michael Shannon (Tom), and Rachel Weisz (Jenny), are quite highly respected in Hollywood but now that I've watched this film, I can totally understand why. The story seemed a bit pointless and I personally got a bit bored once the plot unfolded. Its about a lady (Rachel Weisz), who keeps on reinventing herself by taking on different jobs under different names, whilst making up her past as she goes along. She decides to turn up at her ex-boyfriends birthday party, after becoming friends with his close friend at work, and they don't make there relationship known until they are alone with each other. Jenny comes clean about her strange ways, and she explains why she disappeared 20 years ago. She also offers him a chance to make a life with her, which leaves Tom in an unusual situation. The acting was decent from the...

6/10: A Great Idea Not Fully Developed
Sunday, July 2, 2017

I watched this movie because I've often thought about how great it would be to keep switching lives the way "Alice" did in this film. Despite a beautiful performance by Rachel Weisz,I felt that the script and therefore the film, was limited. It seems like the kind of film in which the book, if there is one, would be much better.The film made it seem as if Alice's changes were all about moving from job to job and location to location. It reminded me of when people say "Don't define me by what I do for a living" because that's what Alice appeared to do. She was a singer, a biologist, a teacher, an artist, etc. What was not touched upon was her relationships. At one point Tom asks her if she had been married; she says no. I would have asked "Did you have any relationships?" suspecting the answer might be yes, but...

8/10: Another beautiful and subtle performance by Rachel Wiesz
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

I gave this film a 8/10. The film overall wasn't particularly special. At least the visuals anyway but that wasn't really the point was it? This was plain and simple a character study. Complete Unknown is about Rachel Wiesz's "Alice", the choices she makes and how those choices ripple out and affect those that happen into her life..or lives.Unlike some other reviewers I very much enjoyed the film with an emphasis on Rachel Wiesz. She's been my favorite actress for as long as I can remember and this film just reminds me why. She does so little and yet she is so powerful. There is so much behind those eyes. With just a look or slightest gesture the depth of this woman becomes so clear. Wiesz possesses the kind of talent that cannot be taught. It's both innate and at the same time acquired through real life experiences...through truly living life...

1/10: Just awful
Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I won't give away any spoilers although it would be a merciful thing to do if it kept anybody from spending their good money to see this thing. Besides being unbelievably boring, the idea that Rachel Weisz (who I love)would be attracted to this character is ludicrous. There is zero chemistry between them and all you can see on the screen is Shannon's huge head (I know, this is a cheap shot but sometimes it's all I could focus on - how BIG it is). Now if they had gotten someone like Michael Fassbinder the story would have (much) more plausibility as a romantic story. If you go see this film, I promise that after 40 minutes you'll be checking your watch every 5 minutes praying it will be over very, very soon and the pain will finally stop but you will still have a long, long way to go. And good luck in figuring out...

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