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A Firehouse Christmas (2016)

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**The writer, the firefighter, the...
Sunday, April 12, 2020

**The writer, the firefighter, the town councilman, the shopkeeper and his daughter!** It's the Christmas time, the television channels are filled with the Christmas contents. There are plenty of Christmas themed films, so it's hard to choose one, particularly the good one. Because they are first time airing, so there's no data about which one's good and which isn't. I randomly picked this one, but I have already seen half a dozen of titles in the current season. Every year, it's impossible to avoid them, so I go for it. But almost all of them are similar with slightly different to each other. That's what I expected in this as well. So this film was focused on a gift shop man with a young daughter who is going through a divorce is looking to take the next step with his new girlfriend who is a firefighter. When his ex wanted him to pose...

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