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Snow Angels (2008)


_**Realistic and potent drama about...
Sunday, October 18, 2020

_**Realistic and potent drama about relationships**_ Released in 2007, “Snow Angels” is a drama revolving around a handful of ordinary couples, young and older, in a Northeast hamlet at winter time (filmed in Nova Scotia). Some criticize that the film is depressing but it's inaccurate to say the WHOLE movie is depressing. Nor does it leave the viewer in a totally depressed state. There's a lot of beauty and hope amidst the shadows and darkness. Plus it leaves you pondering many things, including the numerous real-life people the characters remind you of. One of the storylines is tragic and depressing, no doubt, but that's not the whole focus of the story (although it is the dominant focus). The picture is about romantic relationships in various stages and whether they're successful or not depending upon their responses to the inevitable crises & temptations of life: Arthur and Lila's high school relationship is just budding and seems...

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