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Everybody Wants Some!! (2016)


3/10: Why these choices
Saturday, April 23, 2016

If you're going to make a movie about Texas college baseball jocks in 1980 (especially jocks on the most successful team on campus), you're obliged to do something to let the audience know WHY those players are the most gentle, open-minded college jocks they have ever, ever seen. It can't just go unexplained, or it beggars belief. The movie is not intended to be a farce, quite clearly.Even the two most aggressive guys (the great batter and the manic pitcher) are ultimately adorably harmless. This is not how it works. Their conflict at a practice without coaches should end in a fistfight when the manic pitcher won't shut up after getting beat. You don't run your mouth at a teammate after getting hit on. The manic pitcher's outburst in the bar should also be far, far uglier, and it should end in a real fight. And the stuff that comes out of...

3/10: Nostalgic, maybe, but not funny
Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Well, I cannot compare this to Linklater's previous work "Dazed and Confused", but, a couple of months ago, I saw the trailer, and thought, "Man, this is going to be laugh out loud hysterics". Was I wrong.The movie starts with Jake, the freshman pitcher prospect cruising in a Cutlass 442, not bad for nostalgia (nice to see cars that still have some gusto for real in films).Jake is a pitcher who lives in a frat house with about twelve other ball players who like to party and talk about getting laid, and playing silly pranks on each other.Yes, there is a decent soundtrack starting with "My Sharona" from the Knack that opens the movie, but, the flaw is here: "Urgent" by Foreigner was not released until 1981. Oops! And it seems a tad out of place for a bunch of rough and tumble kids to be singing word for word to a rap song.The title...

5/10: A Dazed and Confused Repeat
Friday, April 15, 2016

Going in, I knew it would be similar to Dazed and Confused. This was like Fifty Shades of Grey is to Twilight but worse, the plot (if you can call it that) follows its predecessor more closely than Fifty.Like Dazed (which is better btw), it's tough to put your finger on an actual plot. A freshman baseball player shows up to college, interacts with teammates/roommates, has fun, finds a girl. Shenanigans take place. So all you really have is a bit of character development, yet the characters remain relatively static. I have to wonder, Who the heck has been reviewing this flick, paid shills? People that haven't seen Dazed and Confused and think this is unique?Here are some of the characters to expect: Token well balanced protagonist, Token reefer head, Token self-absorbed whack job, Token witty womanizer, Token redneck, Token guy who is too old to be hanging out (same as reefer head), Token...

3/10: Everybody Wants Less
Saturday, April 16, 2016

I would give it a 1 if I didn't enjoy the music. I started college in the 80's so I know what it was like. This is basically totally about some baseball jocks that are getting together and "male bonding" before classes actually start. With all the positive, and I must say idiotic reviews of the film, my expectations were probably way too high. There are a few moments of chuckles and laughter but if you have zero interest in baseball and aren't a past sport jock, this film is not for you. The background music was right on for the eighties and the party stuff was funny. Other than that, it just gets boring and too long. All the actors are "unknown" types and do fine job acting, but the storyline is a total mess. Is this a comedy or some type of sports, jock film or whatever? Many critics say it is a statement about...

7/10: Hated it (at first glance). It grew on me (while watching
Friday, December 30, 2016

I had great hopes for this, ,knowing Linklater's work. I had great expectations also because I anticipated seeing "my" college era and experience through his lens and view. It did not resonate but I was never a part of a Fraternity or clique. What did sink in and where the movie turned for me was the realization that this was a film about discovery and how this group of misfits are finding their own identity. Once I got over the "Jock Talk" and realized that fact, I started to really like this movie. It was an interesting choice to select a group of Baseball players to serve as the vehicle to discovery and identity. It turned out this film did, in fact, resonate with me as I was a loner in college who had many friends who "belonged" to various groups, never once considering myself a part of any particular group. That diversity was one of the best value...

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