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The Invitation (2015)


**Think carefully before attending your...
Sunday, June 7, 2020

**Think carefully before attending your ex's party invite!** My first impression was, not another 'The Perfect Host'. And it is not, but the same category. This is a comeback film for the director after the average 'Jennifer's Body' that released half a decade ago. Some people liked it, but for me it was an average film, because I've seen the better one. Still, I appreciate the effort, like handling the narration. You know these days viewers are bit clever, they begin to predict from the early stage, so this story quite interestingly upheld the suspense. Till the final act it keeps developing, not the story or the characters wisely, but the event where the plot evolves. A at a same time it leaves behind some clues about what might come later. That part is very confusing, I did not know what to believe and what not. Because I don't want to be a fool when twist...

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