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My Cousin Rachel (2017)


**A mystery woman from Italy...
Friday, January 8, 2021

**A mystery woman from Italy!** It is a spectacular film by its wonderful costume displays and fantastic performances. Along with they have shot the entire film in the great locations. I think that's it, that's the film. The story wise, nothing impressive. Might have been one of the best tales in the old days, though at present, we've lots of similar ones and I had seen many films with the same story structure too. Based on the book of the same name and the second film adaptation. The story of an orphan boy who was adopted by his cousin and passed all his wealth to him. Then one day on the edge of his 25th birthday, he meets his cousin's cousin from Italy, Rachel. Her visit changes his life, but it was something more than he has thought of. What is it and how the story ends comes in the later parts. It was a thorough...

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