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Daylight's End (2016)


1/10: This could have been good
Friday, December 2, 2016

I have to ponder how this got so many good reviews. Are all of the reviewers from Texas, where this was filmed? I watched it the other night on Starz and was bored virtually from the beginning. This is just another movie where they couldn't make up their mind to make a zombie movie or a vampire movie, so they made the creatures (just dirty faced people who can be spotted more than once - blame that on budget and lack of decent make up, the SFX are pretty sparse too, for 2 million they didn't really get their money's worth) a cross between the two. Sunlight and bullets will kill them. The story is kind of silly. One guy is hunting the Vombie Alpha who killed his wife and kid. He's made it - On his own - from the Bronx down to Texas. He never seems to run out of ammo and every shot is pretty much...

6/10: Vampire-Zombie-Like Creatures vs. Survivors
Friday, September 16, 2016

Following to an outbreak that turned most of mankind into vampire- zombie-like creatures, the few survivors have to fight the creatures and marauders. When a group that is rescuing a girl is killed by pillagers, a young woman called Samantha "Sam" Sheridan is spared to be raped by the criminals. However, the lonely driver Thomas Rourke (Johnny Strong) kills the men and saves Sam. She offers ammunition, supplies, fuel and food if Rourke drives the girl and her to her hideout before the sunset. Rourke arrives in the dark but her group protects them from the creatures and Sam, Rourke and the girl arrive at the sanctuary in a former police station; but Rourke recognizes The Alpha (Whitlock Krzysztof Soszynski) that leads the creatures. The leaders Frank Hill (Lance Henriksen), his son Ethan Hill (Louis Mandylor) and the former police officer Chris (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) suspect of Rourke, but they promise to honor Sam's promise. He is locked...

6/10: Wouldn't beat a granny with a baseball bat to secure a copy but not bad
Thursday, October 27, 2016

Not bad. These are kinda bland words to use for such an action filled shoot-em-up. It had me swinging back and forth between "COOOL" and "Mmmmh Ohhkaay". Liked: action sequences, plot velocity, actors.Didn't like: coincidences and confluence of events that drove the plot. Henriksen was wasted. I always see him as the android from Alien but he has pulled off many other roles that I have enjoyed. He just didn't seem to do a lot here - and then got killed.Didn't understand how the Alpha just seemed to turn up after Rourke has stumbled over Sam who just happened to invite him back to her refuge. The Alpha just happened to be at the Police Station as they turned up at nightfall? Maybe I missed something that explained this but it didn't ruin the whole movie, seemed weird.Insane, running, hyper-violent and very agile infected who are ultra allergic to sunlight. OK...

7/10: Not a bad zombie movie at all
Sunday, February 25, 2018

Though it's clear that this zombie movie (or any other zombie movie for that matter) got some inspiration from George A. Romero's "Living Dead" movies, there is also a sizable dash of "The Road Warrior" mixed in here. Actually, the movie doesn't take TOO much from those two sources, and manages for much of the running time to do its own thing... and not too badly, I must add. While the script does have a few flaws - like the underwritten alpha zombie character, which could have used more explanation - the script does manage to engage thanks to some competent characters and a few developments in the story that you may not be expecting. While the direction and the editing does occasionally confuse, the action (which keeps coming at a regular clip) does manage to stir the blood and be exciting at times. The movie also looks pretty good for what was a low budget, with some well...

5/10: Action-packed Vamp/Zomb Siege
Saturday, September 26, 2020

This movie started slow, and by that I don't mean you have to wait for the action, instead it makes you wait a long time before anyone speaks. The action scenes are slick, well staged and frenetically shot like a Bourne movie, and there's alot of action; thousands of shots are fired throughout the flick. I just wish they had shaved 10 minutes off the shooting for some interesting character development so that we actually cared about what was happening. Instead we get one or two brief flashbacks, and a lot of intense stares and macho shouting. The movie is well made for its budget and its and interesting film, it just really falls flat because it doesn't pull you into the story. The Vamp/Zombies are intense and fast, though never explained much, and that would be okay if the story had other things going on, but it doesn't. I usually love a good Siege...

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