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Spider-Man (2002)

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10/10: Iconic, Electrifying, Classy, Vibrant, and...
Sunday, June 5, 2016

Iconic, Electrifying, Classy, Vibrant, and Emotionally Stimulating, Spider-Man Represents the Gold Standard in Superhero Blockbusters The world of movie superheroes began with Superman, thrived with Batman, and reached its ultimate apex with Spider-Man. 2002's biggest movie event combines the slam bang roller coaster rush of Batman with the heart, sweetness, and aw-shucks sincerity of DC's other titan, into a comic book adaptation that is as close to perfect as any will ever come. A joyous blast of post-9/11 American verve, crafted with class and a keen eye for storytelling, Sam Raimi's 2002 mega-hit is a once-in-a-lifetime, generation defining summer blockbuster, and in the eyes of this Generation Spider-Man-er, it's still the gold standard in superhero cinema.Spider-Man takes most of its cues from 1978's Superman: The Movie. Peter Parker's journey from unassuming geek to high-flying hero mimics the Man of Steel...

10/10: Raimi and Maguire weave a...
Friday, April 9, 2004

Raimi and Maguire weave a magical web in this excellent comic adaptation Studios lately have been known to spend almost $200 million dollars bringing a comic book super hero to life on the silver screen. With $200 million dollars you can buy many state of the art special effects for the director to full around with to his hearts content. If in the process, though, he decides to fore-go an entertaining story and script, characters that we can get to know and sympathize with, and good actors to bring those characters to life, all the special effects in the world isn't going to amount to a hill of beans. Fortunately for us, in bringing Marvel Comic's Spiderman to life, Sam Raimi did care about those little details and the audience is richly rewarded because of it.One of the trickier tasks when transferring a film such as Spiderman to film is in giving us enough background story...

7/10: Poignant, fun and a faithful...
Wednesday, May 1, 2002

Poignant, fun and a faithful adaptation to the original comic book Poignant, fun and a faithful adaptation to the original comic book. I am very critical of comic book movies since I am a huge fan of the medium and was tremendously disappointed in the Superman and Batman movies (all of them, some greatly!). This film however has again demonstrated that an adaptation of a comic book story can be fun and faithful to the story, yet be a film for all ages and those who may not have ever even read a comic book. The Crow was the only other good comic book movie in my opinion, but it was not an all ages fun ride as this is!I had the privilege of seeing the film last night, 4-30-02, in SF with the press and 300+ other folks for its "Bay Area Premiere".The acting is the finest portion of the film with the leads giving...

10/10: One of the best movies...
Sunday, May 5, 2002

One of the best movies of the year!!! Spider-Man is seriously the best movie of the summer! I couldn't believe how much fun I had watching this movie: the fights, the costumes, the characters I'm not even a comic book nerd, no offense to those who are, just I couldn't believe how much of a nerd I felt like when I was jumping and getting excited to see this movie. I waited an hour in line to see this movie with my friends and I have to tell you that it was completely worth it. This is the crazy movie of the summer, but it's one of the best blockbusters to come out of the new millennium. I was never into Spider-Man, didn't really know about the story, but seeing this movie, I think I'm going to take a trip to the comic book store probably.Peter Parker, his best friend Harry...

10/10: Oh yeah ! I truly don...
Saturday, June 18, 2016

Oh yeah ! I truly don't know what to say about this movie, which got already all possible praises and all possible critics ! But I will write what I canfrom my heart, cause my post cannot match any reviews from grammaticalsuper humans and ultra intelligent movie critics ! OK lets start : This movie is directed by one of my favorite film directors Sam Raimi who directed and produced so many good movies and one I love the most is TV series adaptation of Evil Dead (also directed by him) movie, Ash vs Evil Dead which also have mostly positive reviews by top critics. I think ratings go well over 90% on rotten tomatoes ! Spider-Man is supremely made from beginning till end. Every scene is so fresh, playful, innocent and there is no second of boredom in this one ! I think its the best movie of all movies about Spider- Man and they surely knew why Sam Raimi would be perfect...

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