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I Confess (1953)

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7/10: "I want to make a...
Monday, September 6, 2021

"I want to make a confession" Out of all the movies Hitchcock directed throughout his life, I Confess has to be one of the most overlooked, and there is definitely a reason for this. I didn't think it was as impressive as some of his other movies like Rear Window or Saboteur, but it's difficult to explain why it is not as memorable. The film stars Montgomery Clift as Father Logan, a priest working in the French Canadian province of Quebec. He is approached by a man named Keller one day who is confessing about how he killed a lawyer named Villette and then fled the scene. Even though Logan now has information that can potentially lead to this person's arrest, he is forbidden from saying anything because catholic priests aren't allowed to let other people know what someone's confession consists of. Some time later, the man responsible for killing Villette tells the cops about...

8/10: 'Direction->', 'direction->', 'direction->' 'I Confess...
Monday, December 23, 2013

'Direction->', 'direction->', 'direction->' 'I Confess' is carefully construed. It begins straight away with Hitchcock walking through the top of the screen and the signs saying 'direction->', 'direction->', 'direction->', as if Hitchcock is saying: 'Follow me please, and - please again - don't lose me.' At first the emphasis lies with the oath of silence of a priest, but then, with a couple of strategic twists, the viewer is lead to a secret romance (only alive in the hearts of Ruth and Michael), wherein the clever police inspector Larrue begins to suffer from tunnel vision, because Killer, I mean Keller, should not be considered innocent for any policeman, or even a laymen (he finds the victim when visiting him by appointment, ánd he lives under the same roof as Michael, where the bloody piece of clothing is found). But no, he is left alone...I'm assuming Hitchcock let things play out this way on purpose, and thus did not just aim...

8/10: A Crisis Of Conscience Murder...
Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Crisis Of Conscience Murder, blackmail and romance all feature strongly in Alfred Hitchcock's "I Confess" but the story's most compelling component is the moral dilemma faced by a Catholic priest who, after hearing a murderer's confession, is unable to disclose what he knows to the police. The priest's duty to honour the sanctity of the confessional is paramount but by doing so he becomes complicit in concealing the guilt of a killer and later, when the priest becomes the prime suspect, he's left to face not only a crisis of conscience but also the possibility that he'll be executed if he refuses to tell the police what he knows.This movie was based on Paul Anthelme's 1902 play called "Nos Deux Consciences" and the fact that the plot involved certain issues (Catholicism, the wrong man theme and reasons to mistrust the police) which had preoccupied Hitchcock throughout his life, makes it easy...

7/10: Intriguing and thrilling movie by...
Thursday, June 6, 2013

Intriguing and thrilling movie by the Master of Suspense in which a good priest is accused of killing Entertaining suspense movie packs thrills ,intrigue , tension and ordinary Hitch touches . Indispensable seeing this quintessential Hitch movie , demanding various viewings . Classic and haunting suspense by the master himself , Hitchcock , dealing with tragic events when a priest (Montgomery Clift) takes confession from a man who coincidentally killed a blackmailer who he knew of pre-vows relationship with a married woman (Anne Baxter). Refusing to give into police investigators' questions of suspicion, due to the seal of confession, the Father becomes the prime suspect in a murder. The murderer is called Otto Kellar (O.E.Hasse) and his wife Alma (Dolly Haas) work as caretaker and housekeeper at a Catholic church in Quebec . Meanwhile , the priest named Fr. Michael Logan walking through the town, passes in front of a cinema showing ¨The enforcer¨. Interesting Hitch film shot in Canada's colorful Quebec by Warner...

9/10: Ruth loves Michael, but he...
Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ruth loves Michael, but he... This is one of the disregarded works in Hitchcock's career. Roger Ebert in the Great Movies series has plenty of good things to say about Notorious, Strangers on a Train and other films of this period, but nothing on the only film Hitchcock made with Montgomery Clift, Anne Baxter and Karl Malden. This picture must stand alone in his work, since it is dependent on the remembrance of the past playing a decisive role in the present-day actions of the characters. A typical Hitchcock story has characters who seem to have no past at all--they seem to spring to life to fulfill the demands of the script.I Confess starts as a typical thriller, then at the 42 minute mark, the story comes to a halt in Robertson's office as Ruth recounts the story of how she fell in love with Michael Logan, who was not fully in love with her...

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