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Shin Godzilla (2016)


9/10: Spoilers follow
Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Japanese 'Gojira' made his first appearance in 1954, was re-edited for an American (and subsequent worldwide) market and became a huge success. Since then, 28 sequels and two American films have come and gone, taking the Big G through dark, political thrillers, camp cartoon fluff for children, repeated monster team-ups, cheap Saturday morning fillers and high-tech special-effects-laden epics.The Godzilla story finally seemed to have come to an end in 2004 with 'Godzilla: Final Wars', in which a Matrix-inspired series of punch-ups involved Godzilla facing almost every out-sized enemy he had ever encountered – including a version of the creature from the less-than-critically-acclaimed 1998 Hollywood version (and making very short work of his name-sake). However, with the huge success of 2014's American version, Toho films have once more wheeled out the legendary lizard. Whereas the recent American version is a mix of special effects never before granted...

6/10: Retro Toho Godzilla
Saturday, October 15, 2016

I saw "Shin Godzilla", Hiroki Hasegawa-Why Don't You Play in Hell?, Attack on Titan Parts 1&2; Yutaka Takenouchi-The Apology King, Oba:The Last Samurai; Satomi Ishihara-Attack on Titan Parts 1&2, My Grandpa and Ren Ohsugi-The Twilight Samurai, Fireworks.Don't worry if you don't recognize any of the actors or the films they were in, because they are all Japanese actors in this Japanese/Toho productions reboot of the Godzilla franchise-their last film was in 2004. Shin means 'New', 'True' or 'God', depending on your translation- it can mean any one of them. Now, this series is not connected to the American reboot way back in 2014. In this one, they use a mixture of the old fashion puppetry-a guy in a suit-motion capture and CGI. They also start the story from the beginning, with Godzilla-or Gojira as he is called in Japan-as a four legged bug...

8/10: All hail The Lizard King
Monday, October 17, 2016

SHIN GODZILLA (aka GODZILLA RESURGENCE) (2016) *** Toho Studios pulls out all the stops in this awesome reboot of the Godzilla franchise with another spin on the origin story of the radioactive, colossal monster that is unleashed once again to wreak havoc and leave a trail of waste in its destructive, hell-bent path of destroying Tokyo (redux) with some truly impressive 21st century know-how (CGI is impeccable - no dude in a rubber suit - and a great rethinking of the look of the creature - a living lava encrusted molten mass dinosaur with a glowing spiny edifice, needles of teeth, and a bit heavier than usual (seriously 'zil needs some exercise). Filmmakers Hideaki Anno and Shiniji Higuchi give a more clinical and geopolitical spin on the storyline with Japan at odds with retaining its status in the world while also seeking the assist of foreign aide while the political wheelhouse churns desperately to come up with a plan to stop the...

6/10: Fun and neat like parody and want to be adventure, yet nothing like the classic one's
Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I for one was a Godzilla fan and I like anything that takes place in the orient especially the country of Japan. This movie called "Shin Godzilla" is one modern day tale of adventure and battle of an entire country getting ready to face the big giant green monster. This film tries to be serious yet it seems more fun and parody, it's nothing like the classic "Godzilla" films still it's worth a look I guess for today's generation, as the action is more high tech and computer made as it seems nothing like the classic fight sequences of the old movies. The story is pretty simple set in Japan near the Tokyo Bay it is told that a giant monster is ready to strike the sea and the entire country and therefore an emergency cabinet meeting is called with all Japan officials. Overall nothing great still this film entertains in a unique and fun way of...

8/10: Politics aside
Saturday, August 19, 2017

No wait, that's not true. Actually this is as political as it gets. I mean you get served a movie from the perspective of what it does to national security and to Politicians and diplomatic stances. Even Americans get involved (a little bit, though they seem to be fluent in Japanese too) in this to an extent.The movie has all the mayhem you'd expect it to have. But try to remember this is meant to be a sort of Origin story from a different perspective. So let's get physical ... I mean political. Although As you can imagine there is all sorts of mayhem. And while there is CGI it still has the nostalgia to it. Also relationships may not be front and center, but you still get the nature of what people are about. So while not perfect in any sense (that goes for Godzilla/Gojira too, especially at the start), this feels like in the...

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