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Closed Circuit (2013)

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> Revealing the truth or sparing...
Saturday, July 4, 2020

> Revealing the truth or sparing the lives with a deal. This is from the director of 'Brooklyn' and that's the obvious reason for I'm here. Looks like many haven't liked it, but for me it was an okay film. Seen plenty of similar themes, so I did not find anything special from this. That means easily predictable story, but I just went through till the end to learn how it all ends. Apparently that's how the narration goes, without a twist. You will know right from the beginning who's behind the bomb blast that takes place at the opening. Well written screenplay, but that was not enough for the film buffs or the critics, it might work for people who watch films occasionally. Looks like based on the real, but there's nothing in the opening or in the end of the film about it. Eric Bana and Rebbeca Hall as the ex and lawyers...

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