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Mannequin (1987)


4/10: Mannequin
Sunday, February 19, 2012

When I found out that one of my favourite songs was featured in and came from this film, a film I probably never would have heard of before, and from the year I was born, I was interested to see what it would be like. Basically the film opens in Ancient Egypt with Ema 'Emmy' Hasure (Sex and the City's Kim Cattrall) hiding in a pyramid to get away from her mother (Phyllis Newman) who is forcing her to get married, so she prays to the gods to send her to her true love, and she disappears. Forward to present day Philadelphia, where Jonathan Switcher (Andrew McCarthy) is a young artist, who starts out with a job making mannequins, but when he is fired he can't seem to find a job that he can keep. He made his perfect mannequin that makes him feel happy, and he is really surprised to see it in the window of the...

7/10: Mann, That Was Sooo 80s
Friday, July 29, 2016

What a flashback to the Hollywood days of old. Where sexual harassment is accepted, homophobia sometimes okay and miracles with almost zero explanation can be dismissed in seconds.It's hard to criticize a movie like Mannequin. Sure, it's crazy, goof- ball and would never happen back then or now, but it was a light- hearted, fantasy of love across the ages? At least it wasn't as dark as other mannequin stories like I Know Who Killed Me and 2012's Maniac. Basically, the ALWAYS lovely Kim Cattrall wishes for something more in Ancient Egypt and the gods fast forward her a few times over the millennia to finally land with Andrew "Jonathan" McCarthy. Only, she's trapped in a mannequin's form so no one but Jonathan can see her. Oh, and he falls in love with her and because others see her as a stiff, pure antics ensue.It's cute, it's harmless – well, except...

6/10: I'm not making it up, I'm insane
Monday, August 11, 2014

Jon is a young artist, but he just doesn't seem to last in any job he does. But when he builds a mannequin, he makes it so perfect, he falls in love with it. It is the first thing he has made that makes him feel like a real artist. The mannequin ends up in the window of a big department store. When he saves the life of the owner of that store, he is rewarded by getting a job at the store as stock boy. Later the mannequin comes to life, who was an ancient Egyptian known as Emmy. The two redesign the window display to make it most eye catching in town. But the store competitors are not happy and will do anything to stop them.......Yes the film is arguably one of the pinnacle movies associated with the eighties, but I guarantee that when you ask anyone about the movie, they will immediately quote the Starship...

7/10: One touch of Emmy
Tuesday, January 12, 2021

This is obviously inspired by the Kurt Weill musical which replaces the Greek Venus with an Egyptian princess. The film opens up with the very funny scene of Egyptian Kim Cattrall being nagged by her Brooklyn accepted mama (Phyllis Newman) to accept a marriage proposal which causes her to disappear and come back to life as a mannequin in Philadelphia where she is put together by the artistic Andrew McCarthy and later reunited with him at Estelle Getty's failing department store.The store's creepy boss (James Spader) wants to see the store bought out so he can get a good payoff but McCarthy and the mannequin who comes to life after the store closes help turn sales around with the help of the sweetly flamboyant window designer Meshach Taylor. Spader joins forces with the closeted but homophobic night guard G.W. Bailey to get something on McCarthy, giving this a nice twist on anti-gay bigotry and showing...

4/10: Great Idea. Poor Payoff
Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Mannequin (1987): Dir: Michael Gottlieb / Cast: Andrew McCarthy, Kim Cattrall, Estelle Getty, James Spader, G.W. Bailey: Corny romantic comedy that seems to reference the emotional side of love using the term mannequin as a symbol. Andrew McCarthy plays Jonathan Switcher who has a knack for creating art, including a mannequin he recently designed. Unfortunately he has been fired from every job out there. Kim Cattrall prays to the heavens to be vanquished of her Egyptian lifestyle of organized marriage. After an earthquake she is darted ahead to modern day where she inhabits the very mannequin Jonathan created. After landing a job in said store she comes to life, much to his shock but he is the only one who can see her. Preposterous, idiotic and written full formula straight through but one observes that director Michael Gottlieb had an idea. Cattrall is the spirited high full of gusto and enthusiasm. She helps Jonathan become a hit with window dressing...

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