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The Discovery (2017)


9/10: Well, im not reading reviews before the watching a movie anymore
Wednesday, February 10, 2021

OK, i have stated several times now how users criticize sometimes in vain a movie that is actually good. I dont think all of us put some effort into seeing beyond the flaws of a movie into the heart of it, which destroys our perception of what we feel and think after seeing it. This will be my first full on review of a movie, because, i really think i should. First of all i will talk about the idea of the movie, so, beware of spoilers !!!Regret is our worst enemy. We often get devided between what could have been if we wouldnt take a certain path, what we could have reached if only we wouldve done things a bit differently than we did - and the present . All of us have regrets, and all of us either overtake them or they overtake us. This is, in my opinion, very well linked to the idea of suicide. People suicide cause...

4/10: Fascinating concept and great ideas, but not much of a compelling story
Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Discovery" is built on one of those sci-fi concepts that holds immense promise, to the point that it elevates expectations for the film's quality. After all, you don't make a film about what would happen if an afterlife were scientifically proved without being prepared to meaningfully and intelligently tackle the tremendous questions doing so would raise.Challenge accepted for Charlie McDowell ("The One I Love"), who with co-writer Justin Lader attempts to do these themes justice on Netflix, which couldn't be a safer space to run this experiment. And that's by and large how "The Discovery" feels, a bit like a movie that wants to play with ideas rather than one that knows exactly the right story to tell to make its notions sink deeply in our in our minds and hearts. Two years after Dr. Thomas Harbor (Robert Redford) has proved the existence of an afterlife, suicide rates are through the roof...

3/10: Enthusiasm Gives Way to Bitter Frustration, Maybe Anger
Sunday, April 2, 2017

So, Robert Redford plays a scientist, Dr. Thomas Harbor, that has discovered proof of the afterlife, at least in some basic form. Dr. Harbor decides to go public with his findings, unexpectedly leading to a sharp rise in worldwide suicides as folks from all walks of life try to make it "there" (as the afterlife is so nonchalantly referred to by characters in the movie). Only problem is, Dr. Harbor doesn't know exactly what "there" is, and whether "there" is a good thing or bad thing.To find out, Dr. Harbor sets up a Flatliners (1990)-style lab in an old, abandoned mansion reminiscent of any mental hospital of yesteryear. But then Harbor's oldest (Prodigal) son shows up to stop his father from "playing God" along with a mystery girl. And so now we have family drama, romance, and a syfy/thriller rolled into one, right? Well, yes, and no. Let me explain The Discovery starts out as...

5/10: A Great Idea That Just Never Comes Together
Sunday, April 30, 2017

There are a number of good things that can be said about Netflix's "The Discovery": It is good to see Netflix tackling big-budget, dramatic/sci-fi fare. It's encouraging that actors with the reputation such as Robert Redford has are now willing to work with the premiere streaming service. Plus, "The Discovery" actually has a germ of a really great idea at its core. Unfortunately, however, the film never really comes together like it should, essentially wasting that inventive idea with clunky acting and even worse pacing.For a basic plot summary, "The Discovery" takes place in a future where noted scientist Thomas (Redford) has definitively proved the existence of an afterlife. The problem? Now people are committing suicide by the millions knowing that "something else" is beyond this mortal coil. The next logical step for Thomas, then? Discovering exactly what this afterlife consists of. This is where his son Will (Jason Segel) comes into the picture...

4/10: Interesting premise, disappointing overall
Saturday, April 8, 2017

The movie starts off with an intriguing premise, the scientific discovery of the afterlife. Good cast, should be a decent story... what could go wrong? Well, I guess a lot could.Nice seeing Redford in a film, some of the supporting cast is fine, but Mara seems miscast, and her 'leading man' has the personality of a house plant. Zero chemistry between them, and at no point do you really find their romance believable. It's difficult to figure out why the filmmakers basically decided to make the film into a love story between such boring characters when the simple premise of the film is much more interesting. Mara apparently can play just one type of character, which we see in every single film she is in -- the sullen girl. And she's paired up with the least curious, least interesting, scientist in the world. Will (her love interest) seems to sleepwalk through the movie with a pained looked on...

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