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Truth or Dare (2018)

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7/10: I'm Sorry but this...
Friday, July 6, 2018

I'm Sorry but this movie was Not Bad it was actually Good. Yes, I liked the Film even though most people don't, The Film was actually surprisingly Tense and Thrilling And I like the fact that it took the possession concept and did something different with it so it wasn't your typical possession movie that we see a lot. The movie may start off as a cliche because of the truth or dare games the characters play but the movie later takes a different turn and it becomes a possession movie but done in a unique and interesting way that I've never seen before. That's part of the reason I liked the film because it uses the game of truth or dare and mixes it with possession among other things which made it more interesting and I think the movie deserves some credit for that.I didn't love the movie but I did Like...

2/10: So Terrible that it's...
Saturday, April 14, 2018

So Terrible that it's occassionally Funny and Fun You know how some movies can be so bad that they're secretly kind of good? Truth or Dare might be one of those movies. As far as being legitimately good, it's not. It's terrible. It's littered with nonsensical reactions, silly dialogue, and unintentionally hilarious moments. Maybe those weird smiles that every character makes at one point are scary to others, but I found them funny every time. The movie is pretty straightforward, but I'll give a brief explanation anyway. A group of friends goes to Mexico on spring break. While there, a stranger invites them to play truth or dare in a creepy abandoned church. It turns out that the game is possessed by a demon who follows them and forces them to continue playing the game until every player is dead. Fail a dare, you die. Tell a lie, you die. Refuse to play, you...

3/10: I Expected Bad - And I...
Friday, April 13, 2018

I Expected Bad - And I Got Bad One cannot deny the direction mainstream Hollywood "horror" films are going in, not a direction of true horror, but one of teen screams and cheap scares. And even though PG-13 Hollywood horror has created some gems like The Conjuring, for the most part they have disappointed this horror veteran. This film was no different, it just plain old wasn't scary, or thrilling, or suspenseful. To be fair I liked some the kills but other than that I could not find anything redeeming. Its another sad attempt by Hollywood at horror, it just isn't scary. Like many other mainstream horror films, I found myself being bored, waiting for the next scare/kill, only to be disappointed by it. But I suppose if you are a 14 year old girl, like the majority of the theater was, then I suppose it might scare you, but for a man who has been a...

4/10: No joy in this curse...
Monday, April 23, 2018

No joy in this curse It is, ahem, Blumhouse's Truth or Dare, not just any-old, plain-old Truth or Dare. It's not the sixth installment of the cult classic Truth or Dare? : A Critical Madness, even though it psychologically draws from the same wells. It's not anything to do with Madonna: Truth or Dare. It is its own self, although sex still kills, college kids love to drink a lot on Spring Break, and if there's a really mysterious curse that seems unstoppable, you can always find some kind of answers through clever Google queries, preferably using Apple products whenever possible.Be a good friend and don't be a jerk, or else you are going to get far less screen time than your cohorts, and definitely no nooky. The game of Truth or Dare? is no fun when the truth hurts and the dares maim. In fact, that's the biggest problem with Blumhouse...

5/10: Final Destination meets Ouija A...
Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Final Destination meets Ouija A group of teens find a supernatural entity that is using a game to kill them off one by one; unless you play by the rules. Director Jeff Wadlow is no stranger to the genre. The underrated meta-slasher Cry Wolf was a simple, yet intelligent take on PG-13 horror/thrillers. With Truth Or Dare, and Blumhouse in tow, he attempts to capture similar teenage themes of trust, denial, and the fact that your closet friend could be a liar. What works for this film is its ever evolving sense of menace. The entity really bares down on each characters flaws. Each "kill" has relevant motivation and pushes the rating to the max. The facial effects are decent and creepy. What works against the film are the characters. Most of them are disposable. Merely there to add death scenes and nothing more. Additionally, several scenes which could've added more to certain character arcs simply...

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