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The Hours (2002)

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10/10: Some Random Thoughts from a...
Thursday, June 9, 2005

Some Random Thoughts from a Twisted Mind "The Hours" more than lives up to its critical praise. If nothing else it is a must see for the originality of the technique. The film (and the book by Michael Cunningham) is structured around the process of linking up three stories set at different points in time. Each story concerns a woman trying to define herself, to identify what she needs, and to find a way to get it.The 1920's story concerns Virginia Woolf's (Kidman) efforts to write her first successful novel, "Mrs. Dallaway"; which is the story of one day in the life of a woman named Clarissa Dallaway. The story set in the early 1950's concerns Laura Brown (Moore), a woman who is reading "Mrs. Dallaway". Finally the contemporary story concerns Clarissa Vaughn (Streep) who is essentially living Mrs. Dallaway's life in modern NYC. All three performances are extraordinary in their own unique ways and...

10/10: This Movie Changed My Life...
Saturday, September 20, 2014

This Movie Changed My Life I know a lot of people criticized this film for various reasons but please do yourself a favor and do not listen to any of it. This movie touches on subjects that deeply affect those who either have struggled with mental illness or have a loved one who has. Everything about this movie resonates with me in a very deep way. When the book was getting popular before this film was ever created I went and bought it and read it. I realized about midway through that this was a book that would probably haunt me the rest of my life. I think I see much of myself in each of these women. Virginia Woolf, creative and thoughtful, deeply depressed and almost comforted by the idea of death. Laura Brown, trapped and terrified of her own existence. Clarissa Vauhn, always looking for a trivial distraction, a quiet storm brewing underneath the surface. Everyone questions the...

5/10: A Movie which is based...
Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Movie which is based on a book that is based on a book. The thing about this movie is that it is based on a book that has significant connections with a second book, which means that if you do not know the book that the book is based on then it can be difficult to understand what is going on. The book, 'The Hours' is, not so much based on, but written out of, a book by Virginia Woolf called Mrs Dalloway. I have heard of the book, and have a vague idea about what the book is about, but I haven't read it, and don't plan on reading it until the next time I am in London (namely because somebody said that Mrs Dalloway is a book that one should read while wondering around London, and if there is one place in London that I like to read books, it is on a seat next...

9/10: Three Times One Nicole Kidman...
Saturday, January 6, 2007

Three Times One Nicole Kidman is writing a book, Julianne Moore is reading the book, Meryl Streep is the book. A brilliant conceit by master David Hare, astonishingly performed by Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Ed Harris, Toni Collette, John C Railly, Allison Janney,Stephen Dillane, Miranda Richardson Jeff Daniels and Clare Danes, even Eileen Atkins in a tiny, but revelatory moment, as the flower shop owner, is a true standout. Nicole Kidman's Virgina Woolf is a bit of a miracle, specially now, 5 years later, when you can actually look at her without noticing her nose. What you do notice is her thinking, her beautifully torturous battle for sanity - whether conscious or unconscious - "Even crazy people want to be asked!- she blurts at her sister to admonished her for not having been invited to a party. Kidman is truly sensational as is Meryl Streep, although one has come to expect that and that's why Kidman makes the bigger...

1/10: Usual feminist garbage This was...
Monday, January 27, 2003

Usual feminist garbage This was so awful, it's a shoo-in for Best Picture. I haven't seen pretentious crap like this since American Beauty. I had the same thought after that movie too.(Spoilers ahead)To hear Gloria Steinem tell it in her L.A. Times review, this is the greatest movie ever. From a twisted feminist perspective it might be. Virginia Woolf chooses suicide over a suffocating marriage. The movie suggests the Victorian times did not allow her to live her true lesbian desires. The fact of the matter is that Woolf was severely mentally ill. She was no heroine. She was a very sick woman.Laura leaves her seemingly idyllic life, again, perhaps, for being stifled from her lesbian leanings. She leaves her nice-guy husband and children, without explanation, to "find herself." Though Steinem calls that a heroine, I believe a more apt description is cold-hearted bitch. Sh*t, marriage is hard sometimes; we...

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