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Look Who's Talking (1989)


**One of the most iconic...
Sunday, June 19, 2022

**One of the most iconic romantic comedies of the decade.** What if a baby, still inside the mother's womb, could tell us what he thinks? The premise of this film is that, and it gives rise to one of the most outstanding romantic comedies of the 80's (and this is no small thing, considering the amount of romantic comedies that appeared in the 80's and 90's) and gave rise, thanks to a considerable critical and commercial success, to another two sequels, renewing John Travolta's career and making Kirstie Alley a star. The film is a good comedy, intelligently made, full of well-placed humor and that makes us smile, when it doesn't really make us laugh. The plot was well-thought-out, has a sense of humor, is witty and has a good dose of sympathetic sentimentality, without exaggeration: a young woman from a good family, single, became pregnant by a married man with...

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