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S. Darko (2009)

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1/10: i honestly wish i never...
Thursday, October 25, 2012

i honestly wish i never saw it Oh my gosh. Why? I just don't get it. This has got to be one of the worst sequels ever made. Lets look at the list and take a look at everything wrong with this film. And by the way let me say i AM a big fan of Donnie Darko.1. The acting is almost unbearable. 2. The story sucks... well if you even want to call it a story. 3. its so confusing and does not even come together in the end. 4. The characters are extremely unlikable if you liked these characters my heart goes out to you... but you have no brain. 5. SO MUCH LAME CGI There you go the top five list of why this movie is so awful. I give this film a F.

1/10: Why did I watch this...
Friday, December 17, 2010

Why did I watch this!? I want to punch something or someone! GET ME CHRIS FISHER! ARGH If only I was aloud to swear. S. Darko is most certainly not where Donnie Darko left off. The actors who play both protagonists have never been in anything prominent or good (meant in its lowest form), so I didn't expect anything magnificent but this is something else. The film tries to be "Donnie Darko" but falls: using a similar structure, story and premise. I could have seen this movie being somewhat of a success if it had a different directer. WHY DO WE ALLOW CHRIS FISHER TO STILL MAKE FILMS HAVEN'T WE ALL COME TO REALISE THAT HE IS RUBBISH! I don't think I have truly expressed my anger for this film and I do think i ever will be able to as words can't express this hatred!

1/10: Pungent Universe
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pungent Universe

1/10: Without a single redeeming quality...
Sunday, November 15, 2009

Without a single redeeming quality "S. Darko" tries to maintain the original feel but just comes off as a poorly done high school mockery. Its storyline so translucent and unimaginative that you'll wish someone would punch you in the face just so you could feel something. I feel that Nathan Atkins and Richard Kelly owe me 103 minutes better spent on watching nearly anything. These teens girls can't be like any real teen girls... can they? Please? NOBODY needs to see this movie. In fact, if you were a fan of the prequel save yourself the embarrassment. If you weren't a fan of the first one then you've still got something to lose. Trust me. I was left wishing that all the characters had been sacrifices. I would have felt better at the end. At least a sense of accomplishment. Maybe that would undo how violated I feel. It was worse than when my Aunt Margaret...

3/10: Spoils the original - Comically Awful...
Saturday, August 1, 2009

Spoils the original - Comically Awful First 20 minutes spoiled it for me, seeing the 'Rabbit Ears' on the dead girl just totally done my head in. That was to do with the fancy dress party of the first film, why capitalise on an exhausted idea?! What a royal cock up. OMG then the odd bloke building and then wearing a metal rabbit mask, hahaha, this film is hilarious! So many screw ups with comparisons to the first film.Having said that, liked the photography and some of the effects were quite unique, petty they were involved in such a badly written film. Shame, Shame, Shame...Isn't really worth watching if you liked the original, quite a let down in many aspects.

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