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Monsters University (2012)


Monsters University, it’s great...
Thursday, March 31, 2022

Monsters University, it’s great, it’s the best thing Pixar’s brought out in the past three years leading up to it. It’s enjoyable, it’s well casted and it’s cute without being too cheesy. It’s also the third miss in a row for Pixar. MU, just like Brave (and unlike Cars 2) is filled with merit, and well worth watching. But in 1995 when Pixar came out swinging with Toy Story, people expect that sort of a trend to continue. Which it did! Right up until 2006, when they released their seventh film (Cars); the first film they’d gotten behind that didn’t blow audiences world wide out of the Goddamn water. Pixar’s limped up and down the approval ladder ever since, with MU sitting comfortably somewhere in the middle. It is a great film. Especially for a kids’ film, especially for a prequel, all of that, but it is not the return...

A fun prequel to <em...
Thursday, March 31, 2022

A fun prequel to 'Monsters, Inc.'. It isn't on the same level as the preceding film, but 'Monsters University' is a pleasing film nonetheless. It takes a trip backwards in time to see Mike and Sully pre-Inc. and it comes out good, it doesn't have as much as heart but the comedy is still there at a strong level. John Goodman (Sully) and Billy Crystal (Mike) are again fantastic, while Helen Mirren comes in as a new character, Hardscrabble, and gives a pleasant performance. I don't love the other new characters, but they certainly serve a purpose and play a part. The plot is entertaining, it drops a little bit once the competition begins but everything is still enjoyable - the 104 minute run time flies by. I think I would've preferred a sequel story featuring a grown up Boo (admittedly not sure in what way), but this production is a suitable...

This is a great movie...
Thursday, March 31, 2022

This is a great movie. The quality of animation is amazing, and they captured the University feel perfectly. Lots of fun little scenes, backgrounds, and homages to the original movie.

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