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Scary Movie 3 (2003)

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7/10: Shut Down Your Brain and...
Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Shut Down Your Brain and Start Laughing Parody movies are always of the type 'love or hate' it. I am not intellectual, I love cinema as culture, but also as entertainment, so I like them. Further, when I see this type of movie, I know exactly what I am going to see: scatological jokes, funny and surrealistic situations and definitely a movie that will never be indicated for an Oscar. I found this 'Scary Movie 3' very funny. It satirizes mainly 'The Ring', followed by 'Signs', and part of '8 Miles' and one of these last two 'The Matrix' sequences. The last scene is a joke with 'Final Destination'. This is the type of movie that you must shut down your brain and start laughing. There are two scenes that I liked very much: when the moron George (Simon Rex) is in a club for Afro-Americans, wins the rap competition and covers his head with the hood of his...

7/10: "Cindy, why is the TV...
Thursday, July 28, 2005

"Cindy, why is the TV leaking?" I think this movie is okay, not the best I've ever seen, but definitely not the worst. The storyline is a bit confusing; however, because it is absolutely hilarious, it's catchy and easy to watch. When there's a serious bit, something funny always happens - okay you kind of know what's going to happen next, but you'll be surprised at certain parts how the story suddenly twists. For example: The Michael Jackson Part, where he pretends to be the daughter but gets found out and starts a fight, screaming his famous "Oww!". Then he falls out the window, the guy trys to grab him, but ends up pulling off his nose! I really liked this movie, and if you're not to squeamish, you'll really enjoy it! Get ready to be freaked out by the ultimate weirdness....

6/10: I liked it I can...
Sunday, May 8, 2005

I liked it I can be short about 'Scary Movie 3'. If you liked the first two films, especially the first, there is a good chance you will like this one. It is directed by David Zucker, one of the three directors of the great 'Airplane!', the film that sort of invented the genre, and it shows. Here it spoofs films such as 'The Ring', 'Signs' and 'The Matrix' and from time to time I thought it was really funny.But when I think something is funny doesn't mean anything with a film like this. 'Scary Movie 3' is a matter of taste. If you like 'The Naked Gun', 'Hot Shots' and 'Scary Movie' you like this one, if you hate them, you hate this one. The humor is silly and stupid, but in the right mood most people must be able to laugh. I know I did.

8/10: A Pefect Example... ...that when...
Thursday, March 3, 2005

A Pefect Example... ...that when you stop worrying about being just plain filthy and start caring about being funny you make a better comedy. I was not a huge fan of "Scary Movie", although it had it's moments. "Scary Movie 2" was just awful. A real disappointment. Then, I was not sure when I saw the Wayans weren't returning and the film was rated PG-13 if it would work at all. Finally caught the film last night and I laughed more 5 minutes of this sequel than I did during the others.It was great to see that David Zucker can still make a really funny parody movie. It was even more refreshing to see an attempt being made to not just out-gross, out-filth the previous film, and simply focus on making a truly funny comedy.

8/10: Rolling in the Aisles This...
Friday, October 24, 2003

Rolling in the Aisles This movie was great. It was exactly what a spoof movie should be. Thanks to Zucker for bringing this type of film back. I could not stop laughing at the jokes. There were some great appearances by some and most everybody did their part well. I have a weird feeling we did not get to see the whole movie and I am in hopes of a directors cut when it goes to DVD.SPOILER:The best line is Leslie Neilson using his from the Airplane movies. Opening the door at the end and saying We're all counting on you. That was a priceless piece of comedy right there.This will be a definite buy to finish my scary movie collection. Did I mention that I did miss the Wayans Brothers a little? They do some good work also.

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