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General Commander (2019)

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1/10: Take the shot
Sunday, June 2, 2019

Seagal resurrects his Special Ops character Jake Alexander sometimes called John Alexander or just Alexander or just Jake. He is CIA working in South East Asia going after organ traffickers. When a member of his crew is killed (Seagal didn't take the shot) the CIA breaks up the group and wants to reassign them. Instead, a bunch of them resign and form their own private group to go after the bad guys.This was bad, even by Seagal standards. Seagal has a bromance in real life with Putin. In this film, he spouts off about the government within the government (Deep State conspiracy theory) and that the CIA obstructs justice. His new group just so happens is armed with a bazooka, just in case the bad guys come at them with a military styled helicopter in downtown Manila. Segal had a fight scene with distorted moves. He doesn't do any high kicks but manages a knee to the...

1/10: one star is to many
Monday, October 5, 2020

Segal is to fat and to old to be playing the lead of any action movie with that said who is writing this crap !? They are suppose to be elite agents part of and elite group but the plans they wrote for them are amateur and that is being polite. Everything they did was executed poorly planned out poorly. The whole movie was a joke and watching a scene were everyone is running except Segal who is walking because if he ran 10 feet he would be out of breath. The elite group can't seem to shoot anybody unless they are with in 5 feet of them. Lets recap you have a 68 year old fat man with badly died hair not even sure if the hair is real. You have him leading and elite crew that can not pull off a mission without get caught and to end it... They suddenly have a missile launcher on the highway...

1/10: another garbage from steven seagal
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

This is another worst film in resume of steven seagal added,he should retire from making movies and music his days are gone,he is embarassing himself,look at the title of this film,general commander are you kidding me this is some joke right.steven seagal has become a joke..since 2002 .sad to see this guy in this position he once used to be a great action hero and biggest box office stars in the 90s,there is nothing to see here no action and bad dialog and cia crap,the way seagal is aggressively supporting and promoting cia these days he should remember his d├ębut film above the law 1988 it was highly anti cia,anyway this one is simply garbage,waste of time and money .steven segal films should be taken off the shelves from all dvd and blu ray stores and internet its vomiting to see his films now.disgusting,and the guy who gave...

1/10: Painful agony
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Sensei Seagal once again plays the same character as we've seen the past 35 years. Same character, same voice, same Ole constipated look we all have come to know and expect from him. I dont understand why he even makes movies anymore cause they are just absolute Turds. This was so bad I lasted 50 minutes and choke slammed the movie... Please Sensei no more of these movies. Its just embarrassing at this point and it just needs to stop. Do a sit com or maybe some local TV commercials to pay the bills but the days of great action movies are long gone. I bet a local furniture store would hire you as their spokesman so give that a try instead of making another one of these movies... Ug sorry Sensei but just have to keep it real

5/10: What We've Come to Expect From Seagal
Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Not extremely different than many of the Steven Seagal movies we've seen in recent years, as it's filled with loads of cliched and wooden dialogue, violence-some of which is brutal at times, and some plot elements that just make little sense.Here, Seagal portrays CIA Agent Jake Alexander whose team goes rogue after one of their agents is killed in a raid and the CIA powers-that-be want them to stand down instead of exacting revenge. Jake's team will be after the Camorra Mafia Don Gino Orsetti, whose mob is dealing in the lucrative black market of human organ theft.Overall, the movie is what we've come to expect from Seagal in recent years

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