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Nightbeast (1982)

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1/10: Home made horror film, total crap
Thursday, November 25, 2004

After the opening credits over a black sheet of paper with spots of white paint sprayed onto it, oh OK I'll be generous and call it a star field, we witness an alien spacecraft crashing into a meteorite and being forced to land on earth. A terrible looking model spacecraft lands on a terrible looking model field. Three nearby campers investigate. From the burning spacecraft a reptile like looking alien, the 'Nightbeast' emerges, OK so I lied it's a guy in a dodgy rubber monster mask and silver spacesuit. The campers are quickly killed by the Nighbeast's laser gun which shoots awful special effects at people. The towns Sheriff Jack Cinder (Tom Griffith) is informed. He alerts his deputy Lisa Kent (Karin Kardian) and gathers a posse of men together to investigate. Meanwhile the Nightbeast has killed an unlucky motorist who stopped on the side of the road for a leak. His two annoying kids run for...

Monday, August 9, 2021

There are a number of low budget horror and science fiction films that were made in the past that have developed a loyal following since their release. These film either played the grindhouse/drive-in circuit or went straight to video. The cover art on the boxes in video stores was enough to guarantee they'd be rented if not enjoyed by customers at the time. As time passed on though those who remember them fondly often seek them out only to be disappointed they aren't available.That's all changed in the last few years. Boutique distributors like Vinegar Syndrome, Arrow Video and Shout Factory have gone back and breathed new life into these films. Also on the front is Troma Video. Releasing mostly films from their long catalog on occasion you'll find something different there. Like NIGHTBEAST.The film opens with a spaceship flying along that gets hit by an asteroid. This forces it to crash...

4/10: This film really starts with a bang
Monday, May 25, 2020

I first looked at this page and saw that it had a four rating before I had watched it, so when I started watching it, I am like this is so cool, why is the score so low? Well, unfortunately, the film slows down immensely and becomes standard low budget monster on the loose with plot points and characters that add absolutely nothing to the movie except padding. Which is a shame, because it is great when it first begins as it is nonstop action and killing which distracts one from the bad acting. When this great opening slows, you notice it way too much as you just wish the monster would hurry up and kill someone else!So, the story has a ship in space hitting a meteor which causes it to plummet to Earth. An alien gets out and its ship explodes leaving it stranded on Earth. Instead of doing the E.T. thing of trying to phone...

9/10: My all-time favorite delectably cheesy Don Dohler flick
Monday, July 24, 2006

Maryland-based no-budget hack junk genre filmmaker par excellence Don Dohler hits an uproariously atrocious all-time low with this marvelously messed-up magnum opus of sheer awfulness, a relentlessly wretched $1.98 amateur-night-at-the-movies sci-fi/horror evil alien splatterfest that's downright mesmerizing and often almost unbearably funny in its pure, undistilled, unflinchingly shoddy woefulness. A hefty homicidal lizard who resembles a pudgy version of the titular hokey reptilian fiend in "Track of the Moonbeast" crash-lands his spaceship in the drab podunk burg of Perry Hill, Maryland after said spaceship gets struck by a meteor. The nasty, scaly, clawed lizard creature proceeds to rack up a substantial corpse tally (24 people in total!) by either zapping folks with its cruddy plastic toy raygun or graphically tearing 'em up with its sharp, taloned hands. It's up to geeky, curly-haired stringbean Sheriff Cinder (the bland, ungainly Tom Griffith), pretty Deputy Lisa (the extremely...

5/10: A real B-movie
Tuesday, June 3, 2003

I purchased a NIGHTBEAST video for less than a price of a rental, even if I knew nothing about it and I have to say that I'm glad I did. This is a somewhat fun (funny?) horror/sci-fi movie that's rarely dull. The body count is HIGH. One of the highest I've ever seen. The alien starts killing people left and right, with its laser or with its hands and huge toothy mouth. The beast even kills two kids. Now you've got to love that in a B-movie. Many of the killings are gory. The action is really fast and furious at the beginning but gradually peters out halfway through the film.Anyway, the acting is spectacularly amateurish and the music often sounds like the one in FRIDAY THE 13TH. So much so that I wonder why haven't the producers of FT13 sued yet? The script is all over the place. As if...

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