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The Happiest Day in the Life of Olli Mäki (2016)

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8/10: Finnish boxing champ loses fight but wins fulfillment
Sunday, February 12, 2017

Spoiler alert: Olli Maki's happiest day was the night American boxer Davey Moore beat the hell out of him for the featherweight world title in Helsinki. Olli held his own in the first round but couldn't make it through the second. Why the happiest? That defeat enabled the skilled, disciplined but very modest Finnish boxer to withdraw from the high-powered and highly-financed arena of world engagement and settle into the richer rewards of a simple life with his sweetie Raija. That's all Olli ever wanted. He was fine with being European champ, but he's pushed into the world title match and burdened with the onus of Representing Finland by his windy manager Elis. Elis hates Olli's modesty and simplicity. His ego demands Olli give him glory. His financial straits require he court rich backers and land a big time purse. Elis's marginalizing of Raija drives her back to their "backwoods" (Elis's...

8/10: If you understand the message of the movie...its a beautiful shining light
Friday, May 19, 2017

For me the secret to understanding and enjoying this movie is in the title...so for anyone not liking the movie and it's ending...well you really didn't get it. this is a movie where you have to use your mind to be entertained...and not rely on the movie to entertain you...so audiences used to watching Hollywood mainstream movies probably won't enjoy this...but then that's their loss anyway...(not that they will be showing this wonderful movie at their local shiny multiplex cinema...as the Americans have fully booked it.....which really is unfortunate but then this is a another matter)..Anyways back to my short review ..for me the bigger picture of this movie is not about the true story of boxer Olli Maki .....This movie is about, how as human beings all we ever want in our lives is to love somebody and to be loved in return ...while the sheep...

8/10: A feel good boxing movie
Saturday, October 26, 2019

It may seem surprising, but there are other directors in the land of Aki Kaurismaki. And they are making enjoyable films as well. "The happiest day ... " is a small but pleasant production situated in the '60s.For the boxing genre the film is remarkable relaxed. This time not a touchy flammable Jake La Motta as the main character ("Raging bull", 1980, Martin Scorsese) but the somewhat shy Olli Maki. Olli is very realistic about his chances of becoming world champion in his weight class, but he has luckily other interests too.In Holland the film showed only for a very short period of time and only in a couple of art house theaters, but it is nonetheless well worth seeing

9/10: Victory of Common Life
Thursday, July 4, 2019

A baker in Finland, through an unsuspected order in his life, finds himself in exercises for boxing world championship whereas he was joining only amateur competitions before ten matches. This is a movie of an ordinary man's falling in limbo of his common life and the new life surrounded by sponsors, journalists, filmmakers, parties, feasts and shows. Olli's girlfriend represents his ordinary and peaceful life while the championship represents the new life. Movie has great scenes knitted by awesome cinematography and acting performances; plain, unexagerrated and aesthetic

8/10: Most enjoyable
Monday, April 24, 2017

I really enjoyed this movie. I thought I might be put off by the black and white or that it would be dull (I'm not terribly interested in boxing) but instead I loved the black and white - it was incredibly beautiful, and I never found myself bored. Instead it was sweet and charming and very romantic and I found my self both chuckling and at other times, with tears welling up. Very nicely done. My husband, who is more an action adventure kind of guy - liked it enough but didn't love it as much as I did

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