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The Stepfather (2009)

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6/10: How to turn a slasher flick into a PG, made for TV quality "light thriller
Saturday, February 6, 2010

Years ago during a love affair with bad 80's slashers with multiple sequels I watched the original The Stepfather which was gory and disturbing and blood soaked like many 80's horror flicks. So I was excited to see this remake because I for one love remakes for the most part (Amityville Horror was amazing!) I should have thought more about this and known that walking into the film they would PG the movie and make it so pre-teen friendly that The CW could air it between Gossip Girl and 90210 (I like both those shows by the way.) Horror is toned down and reduced almost entirely to shock value and 'hidden kills.' That much disappoints and requires the entire film to rely on the cast and for the most part that doesn't work very well. The movie is not un-redeemable and has its moments but it loses a lot of ground in the horror genre...

2/10: Amber Heard's Bikini
Saturday, October 17, 2009

the real title of this film.TWO WARNINGS:1) I checked two "user" reviews for this movie here on IMDb which were good/favorable towards this movie and they have NO OTHER COMMENT HISTORY! Or any history, of any kind, with IMDb.com. To me, that means these reviews are planted BY THE STUDIO, cast, or crew!2) This comment contains no spoilers at all, for there is nothing about this film to spoil or give away, honest! NO. That's the first thing you should say to anyone who asks you to see this. Better yet, make another movie suggestion. Not even a hot date is worth taking to this because there will never be a second date and nothing is gonna happen after the date either! Plot in a nutshell- Serial Killer looking for the "perfect family", formerly troubled son returns home after 6 months away at a military school, is suspicious of his new stepfather, and shakes...

7/10: Surprisingly Not Bad
Sunday, January 10, 2010

The original Stepfather was one of those movies that wasn't a real big hit or a substantial cult hit yet even if no one remembered seeing it once you explained the movie a bit they knew precisely what it was.Very weird. Most know the original Terry O'Quinn as John Locke but to me he will always be Jerry Blake first then of course Peter Watts & Locke. Having re-watched the original Stepfather just as the remake was released I found myself as I am with most old movies cringing & shaking my head. However O'Quinns performance is the glue that makes the movie still watchable. Enter Dylan Walsh who to me will always be Dr.Sean McNamara. When I first saw the trailer for the remake I wasn't horrified or offended I just didn't care so I skipped it cause if you hate remakes then don't go & pay to see them. I will however...

6/10: Average remake full of suspense , thrills and gory killings
Monday, May 2, 2011

A meek-looking guy man named David Harris (Dylan Wash)marries widows and divorcées with children in search of the perfect family. As soon as his new family members show signs of being human and not robots who will march unquestioningly to his tune, his dreams of domestic bliss begin to crumble, and he murders them. Then he alters his appearance, assumes a new identity, and skips to another town to begin the deadly ritual all over again. He attempts to marry Susan Harding (Sela Ward) , who sees him as the ideal surrogate father for his sons , and he is soon up to his old tricks when she proves to be too much of a troublesome young son Michael (Penn Badgley) to handle. As Michael goes back home from military school to find his mother falling in love and living with her new love interest . As both of them get to know each other, he along with his father (Jon...

4/10: Poor Remake of a Classic B-Thriller
Sunday, January 2, 2011

After killing the whole family in Salt Lake City, the psychopath David Harris (Dylan Walsh) moves to Portland where he approaches to the divorced Susan Harding (Sela Ward) with her son Sean (Braeden Lemasters) and her daughter Beth (Skyler Samuels) in a supermarket. Six months later, David is living with Susan in her suburban house and the couple is planning to get married. When her rebel son Michael (Penn Badgley) returns home from military school, David welcomes Michael and supports him to stay home. But sooner Michael observes that the past of David is absolutely unknown and he suspects that his stepfather might be the missing killer. But neither her girlfriend Kelly Porter (Amber Heard) nor his mother see anything wrong with the stranger.The 1987 "The Stepfather" is a classic B-thriller, with Terry "John Locke" O'Quinn very convincing in the role of the deranged psychopath. This poor remake is terrible, beginning with the cast of the weirdo...

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