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7 Minutes (2014)


5/10: Want to see a flashback ... plenty of those in this movie
Wednesday, May 18, 2016

There are two rules that everybody knows. First, don't go in with anybody who has more to lose than you. What is the other rule? You got cement in your ears. Don't get caught."Are you a big fan of, or you have a fetishism for an abundance of flashbacks, then "7 Minutes" will be perfect for you. Because, believe me, you just bent over to scratch yourself at an annoying place because there's an irritating itch, and before you know it you swallow another flashback. Or you just grabbed for the half-empty packet of paprika chips .... BANG .... another flashback. This was like a doubles match at Wimbledon with four pepped first-rank players. The flashbacks will fly around your ears (backhandwise). So paying attention is the message. Otherwise you've lost the thread in this tangle of intersecting story lines. Indeed Sir, within 7 minutes!Sam (Luke Mitchell), Mike (Jason Ritter) and Owen (Zane Holtz...

7/10: An impressive début from Jay Martin
Tuesday, August 4, 2015

In and out within seven minutes". That's the plan for three guys staging a brazen armed robbery at a local bank. Of course if the job had gone smoothly there wouldn't be any reason to make a movie and so naturally the job goes pear shaped. Bullets fly and unexpected circumstances arise. Suddenly, what they thought was a close-knit plan, becomes an all in-affair with other persons stepping into the equation. 7 MINUTES crept up on me and took me by surprise. In fact I had never heard of it up until the point of it landing in my hands. The cover art and poster treatments were confronting and my attention was perked immediately. It is an accomplished piece of independent film-making from a first time director Jay Martin. He has constructed a multi-layered crime film with an intentionally disjointed narrative that uses the robbery itself as the backbone. The course of the film...

10/10: Great movie
Monday, June 29, 2015

I don't know what the critics are talking about. I think it all comes down to the baby. The baby inherits its entree into planet earth, through no fault of its own. Who the parents are, the life they had, and so on.Given the totality of the circumstances, the only thing the parents could do was just leave. According to the law, the protagonist (resembles Paul Walker) is guilty of murder, as the lady at the bank was killed during the commission of a felony. It was Sam that conceived the robbery, and had it not been for the robbery, the lady would not have been killed. So her blood is eternally on Sam's hands.The movie gives us a sort of happy ending, as Sam manages to get away with the girl, with the money, to start that new life, but at the cost of the lady's life at the bank.The pregnant girlfriend, an...

4/10: Nothing terrible but nothing amazing either. I liked the use of flashbacks. I give this a C
Thursday, July 23, 2015

Don't get caught. Don't get caught." Three high school friends have been backed into a corner. They need money, a lot of it, fast. Out of options they decide to simply rob a bank. They have the perfect target and things start smooth, but when one is recognized things take a turn for the worse. What started off as a way to get out of a jam now becomes a fight for survival. This movie is a different take on the heist movie genre. The robbery takes 7 minutes, but during that time the reasons and back story of each robber is told through flashbacks and that really is a neat way to do this. Each person has their own story, which really helps in the emotional connection to every person involved. On the other side, that is really the only thing keeping this from being 100% generic. There are a few twists in this but nothing mind...

7/10: Well made heist movie with excellent characters
Thursday, June 11, 2020

Sometimes I don't know why modern productions insist on time warping their ideas. 7 Minutes is full of flashbacks, in fact, there is at least one for each significant character. Mind you, the characters are believable, and the production is certainly good. Wrong side of the tracks youths mix with small time hoods, and other small town types. That's a treat. Almost as good as Fargo. Tarantino doesn't use a lot of flashbacks as I recall, and yet we forgive him unspectacular starts. For me, 7 Minutes needed that approach. Don't get me wrong, this is still a great movie and the flashbacks do work as entertainment. My opinion is that the movie may have worked better with a straighter timeline and less flashbacks

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