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Monkey Kingdom (2015)

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Movie Cast


> Every species has their own...
Sunday, June 7, 2020

> Every species has their own kingdom and the ruler. I thought it was going to set in India and a version of 'Monkey Thieves'. I don't recall it from the trailer I saw 18 moths ago. It's good, because Subcontinent does not mean India only. And I also thought it was about the commonly known in Asia, the Rhesus variety. So this story takes place in the Sri Lankan deep jungle of Polonnaruwa. About a small Toque Macaque kingdom established many generations ago in the rock castle surrounded by the ruined ancient temple. Directed by the 'Chimpanzee' filmmakers, yet another stunningly presented primate genus creature that's specifically made for the little children like all the previous Disney Nature films. Narrated by Tina Fey, in many ways I find much better than John C. Reilly for the 'Bears'. I said that because I am an adult male and I found her voice was sexy, especially the dialogue deliverance...

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