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boogie woogie (2009)


Bad watch, probably won't...
Sunday, October 18, 2020

Bad watch, probably won't watch again, and can't recommend. There are so many good actors in this movie, and I watched it specifically because it was a movie with Amanda Seyfried about which I hadn't heard. I understand that it had a point (sort of), but it did feel like there was somewhat unnecessary fan service with her and Heather Graham, and they are unfortunate highlights of the movie. This is all about the "art world", which means it's not about art, the quality / value of at all: it's all about capitalism, so it becomes an business / politics movie. It's all about these people we don't know or care about diddling each other and trying to out extort each other. It would be more interesting if it was a nature documentary. Watching rich people shuffle money about for no reason just isn't interesting to me. And if I never hear Danny Huston...

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