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wild (2014)


> Return to where we've...
Friday, July 31, 2020

> Return to where we've come from to revive our life. Ever since the movie 'Dallas Buyers Club' grabbed the three golden statues at the Oscars, the director has been in the spotlight. But I was enjoying his movies before that and yet this one is another remarkable adventurous-drama based on the real expedition into the wild. Cheryl Strayed whose story was this film based upon appeared in the beginning scene where she drops off her version of the movie character and wishes her a luck. The world is round, you can't runaway with your problems. If you do, you might end up where you have started. That's why its called a circle of life, goes round and round and round. You can hide your issues with yourself, but it may lead to a depression. Sometime when an experiment goes wrong, it's better to restart from the scratch with a different method. Here in our (human...

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