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The Cobbler (2014)


I don't know what...
Saturday, June 27, 2020

I don't know what's really going on with Adam Sandler in the recent years, he was actually out of the league for a while from entertaining his fans. All he did was overdose comedies which were below par compared to his earlier movies. I said in 'Blended' review that I'm tired of his movie, but watched it only because of the director. All his films were very impressive and I believed him on this one, more than the Sandler. Otherwise, it would have been undoubtedly a skippable flick. As expected the movie was good, but not without the flaws, I mean the major ones because there are many unanswered stuffs that leaves viewers go either way from thinking all the possibility to create their own imagination. Hope that's not the case, the writers do not want to be that smart otherwise it will be a messed up movie with having a wonderful theme idea. Yeah, I...

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