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Old School (2003)

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1/10: Old School- Same Nonsense * I...
Thursday, January 3, 2008

Old School- Same Nonsense * I would expect this film being created by lower functioning junior high school students.The premise of three guys opening up a fraternity home near the school where they graduated from is absolutely ridiculous to begin with.The only good thing here is Jeremy Piven, who has personal reasons for wanting to break up this nonsense. As the dean of the school, he tries but the writing is so bad and inane that his reasoning soon falls off the charts.The film also follows the love lives of these 3 jerks-Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson. Each story is more absurd than the other. Well, Wilson falls for the boss's daughter. That could have been played up more as far as the reaction of the boss finding out. The boss doesn't even find out that his daughter has been sleeping with the Wilson character.The picture defies logic. Having an 89 year...

6/10: Great cast turns old material...
Monday, July 7, 2003

Great cast turns old material into fresh laughs *Slight Spoilers*Is this a classic? No, not even in the "frat comedy" genre, but it *is* funny! And, for a comedy, that's enough.Some jokes are worn, and some set-ups will make you groan. But there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments thanks to the fantastic cast.The material may be old but you understand immediately that Vaughn, Wilson and Ferrell are having a blast making this film. Their energy permeates the movie. From their delivery to body language to timing, all three are on target. The supporting cast of unusual characters adds to the joy.My favorite is Vaughn. Though the movie revolves around Wilson's character, Vaughn is the glue that keeps it all together. Leah Remini has a too brief turn as Vaughn's wife and steals her few scenes. Jeremy Piven is a wonderfully hateful Dean.Lewis' character was the only weak point. I...

10/10: How can you not like...
Saturday, August 27, 2005

How can you not like this?? Frank (Will Ferrell), Beenie (Vince Vaughn) and Mitch (Luke Wilson) three men who form a fraternity to legally stay in the house Mitch just purchased. This movie is jam packed with endless comedy of course it's Will Ferrell you can't help but laugh at the dude every time you see him. Old School when it hit DVD was the number one rented movie in North America thats quiet good for a movie anyone barely heard of when it first came out. But this movie caught the eyes of many fans. It should have a higher rating but I guess some people thought it was average. but to tell the truth it kicked some major comedy's to the curve. Not using so much of a teenage scene they conquered the mix of adulthood with college students forming a fan base for both a younger and older audience. By younger I mean 16...

8/10: A fun and easy comedy...
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A fun and easy comedy The movie is not very original but it fulfills its purpose as a comedy, since one just can't stop laughing through it.It is based on the common fraternity comedies, but with a little twist that the main characters are now in their 30's. The movie doesn't go too much into detail, but it isn't supposed to be believable either.We get a bunch of different kinds of characters who all are funny in their own way. Besides the main characters I really liked to see well known actors playing small parts, such as Simon Helberg, Juliette Lewis and Jeremy Piven.I like how this movie mainly sticks to the comedy and keeps the dramatic, learning moments to a minimum. Just as I love that at the end not all of them decided to "grow up" but Will Ferrel's character keeps on having his fun. I was a bit worried...

8/10: How can you not like...
Monday, November 3, 2014

How can you not like this classic? I think it is impossible to not like this classic comedy, jam packed with action and funny jokes from the get go. Of course Will Ferell plays a huge roll in this movie being amazing, when paired with Luke Wilson, who is not cracking jokes and being funny all the time, makes up for a perfect comedy movie. Maybe it could have had more party scenes, since it was a movie about a high school fraternity made by 3 grown men after all, but nonetheless the movie is a great watch if you like Will Ferell and comedies in general. A major upset for me, however, was the fact that Luke Wilson's character didn't actually try to make a move on his bosses daughter, which he previously had hooked up with, that would be a cool part that could have been incorporated into the movie to make it even better.

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