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The Kid (2000)


5/10: Not as good as "The Sixth Sense" but Better Than "Mercury Rising
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hopefully, "Disney's The Kid" qualifies as the final entry in the Bruce Willis co-starring with a child actor movie trilogy. "Disney's The Kid" lands somewhere between "Mercury Rising" and "The Sixth Sense." Obviously superior to the mediocre "Mercury Rising," this routine but upscale time travel comedy falls far short of "The Sixth Sense." Instead of Bruce bailing out his immature cohort, the juvenile pulls Bruce's chestnuts out of the fire. Comparatively, "Kid and "Sense" both concerned supernatural phenomenon, but "Kid" lacks the suspense of "Sense." Scenarist Audrey ("Shall We Dance") Wells has contrived a tolerably entertaining but predictably sentimental yarn where a well-heeled bachelor businessman, about to turn forty, unexpectedly finds himself confronted by himself when he was age eight! Sound like a comic whirl on the Dennis Quaid & Jim Caviezel father-son thriller "Frequency?" Not only does Bruce-at-forty meet himself-at-eight, but he also later gets a glimpse of himself-at...

7/10: Enjoyably cute and sentimental
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A cantankerous image consultant's life takes a drastic turn for the better when an 8 year old version of himself arrives at his doorstep. Believing he's having delusions, he tries to get rid of him, but there is something enticingly mysterious about him. I wouldn't call this an outstanding film. I don't think it will be anything that will stick with you when the movie is over, but it is certainly an entertaining movie that will warm the coldest of hearts. I wouldn't call it overly original either. It is your typical "Start off as a jerk, turns into a good person" sort of plot, but it works, and that is all that counts. What really keeps this movie going is the likability factor and the solid performances. Bruce Willis has said that he's getting tired of action movies. It definitely shows with his inspired performance. I've always been a huge Bruce Willis...

7/10: Entertaining but Not As Good As Chaplin's
Monday, July 13, 2015

The Kid (2000): Dir: Jon Turteltaub / Cast: Bruce Willis, Spencer Breslin, Emily Mortimer, Lily Tomlin, Chi McBride: Here is a family comedy that is suppose to reach the kid in all of us but it fumbles its premise in its feeble sense of logic. Bruce Willis plays an image consultant who encounters an eight year old boy who is actually himself. This doesn't make any sense nor is an explanation given but he is shown how he has changed for the worst since childhood. The conclusion is handled rather half heatedly but director Jon Turteltaub gives the film its impact. He previously directed the charming romantic comedy While You Were Sleeping as well as the intriguing Phenomenon. Willis plays off the humour with a boyish quality becoming the strongest element of the film. His dealings with clients are somewhat cruel but he will learn where it all went wrong in its shady conclusion. Emily Mortimer as a co-worker...

7/10: Better Than I Thought
Wednesday, April 5, 2006

I really wonder about Bruce Willis. He's such a tough guy, but he seems to have a soft underbelly. Because of these two qualities, he is nicely cast in this film. It's a movie about second chances. It's a movie about reconciliation. It's about facing the things we were always afraid of. Willis's character is successful in a financial way. He doesn't seem very happy, however. For whatever reason, he is suddenly thrown together with his younger self, an obnoxious but charming kid who is able to see his own weaknesses, and blames his adult self. It sounds terribly complex but we get the hang of it pretty quickly. There are a series of pivotal moments in life when things could go different ways and that's what the focus is. If we were given another opportunity, what would we do? Everyone must think this at some point. The byplay between Willis and his...

3/10: A comedy about acting your age
Saturday, June 21, 2014

The whole idea of someone meeting a younger version of themselves pops up in films quite a bit and this film is perhaps one of the better examples.The Kid is a mildly amusing film,that certainly has a lot of heart behind it. Bruce Willis reminds us why he is such a good comedic performer and is well supported by Lilly Tomlin and Emily Mortimer (who is not nearly as annoying here as she is in the terrible 'The Newsroom').However the star of the show is undoubtedly Spencer Breslin, who went on to be just as cute in The Santa Clause 2...and poor in The Santa Clause 3. In this though he's great and the relationship between him and Willis is the shining light of the film (apart from a nice cameo by Matthew Perry).Sadly though the film is slow at times and quite heavy on the sentiment. I know for some people it is...

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