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Nobody (2021)

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10/10: Influx of people who don...
Thursday, April 15, 2021

Influx of people who don't understand different genres of films, (edit have watched it twice, better on second viewing) No character development, cheesy soundtrack. Way over the top, Depressing and get this one... too violent. These are just some of the hilariously bad review points made by many people giving this flick negative scores.No character development? Pretty sure Hutch is fleshed out a hell of a lot more than john wick was in his first film. His back story is more mysterious, he's not just a hitman like John, he actually worked for the government as a assassin. And his father and partners history are not explored at all.. Maybe in a sequel you'll get those spoon fed answers you need for the film to be enjoyable.The soundtrack was great. I guess some people don't appreciate older music...Way over the top... hmmm okay? What did you expect.Depressing... I guess if you don...

7/10: Pretty cool film. Not for...
Sunday, April 18, 2021

Pretty cool film. Not for everybody. If you are into John Wick type of films, you will be quite interested. But it's not exactly that kind of film this one. Mostly because there is no horse-riding and cartoon-ish absurdity in action sequences. There's "slightly" more realism and the fact that the hero of this film seems vulnerable makes it more interesting; Bob Odenkirk does look like an everyday day guy in this film. But the action scenes and the fights are excellent and he does an excellent job nailing them! The film starts off well, somewhat slow and picks up faster pace within 20 min. Right at that point, there is one scene which is rather stupidly set-up to give way for the rest of the story...the one with the bus...but later things do improve. The bus sequence is excellent action, don't get me wrong. It's just the way it was...

9/10: Better not call Saul, John...
Friday, April 16, 2021

Better not call Saul, John Wick's uncle. Writer Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick franchise (no surprise there), gives us a fun, funny and action packed thrill ride that was... "A bit excessive...but glorious.", as said by Christopher Lloyd's character. And what a ride it was.I don't say this much, but the normally comfortable 90 min runtime and it's perfect pacing, wasn't enough for me... I wanted more. Bob Odenkirk played his part perfectly, and for that matter, casting of all, was on point, and it was great to see the legendary Christopher Lloyd have this much fun.Directing by Ilya Naishuller was decent, but I feel the slow-mo was a bit over-used unnecessarily, and some action scenes that were too fast, could've used that technique. The soundtrack was good, and the cinematography excellent.If Covid got you down, this is what the doctor recommends to bring you...

8/10: decent I watched in the...
Friday, March 19, 2021

decent I watched in the theater and i liked it. the directing is simple fast and smooth. not artsy but not cheap. bob odenkirk had a good performance. the plot isn't too complicated, it's not deep but it's good for it's short runtime. it focused on hutch -the main character- and the villains mainly. has great fight scenes, very bloody and nasty but not too much, just the right amount for an action movie. the supporting actors are had a decent performance. the plot didn't focus on them that much. the villains are sometimes predictable maybe because it's a simple movie and maybe because of some the stereotypes. it's funny when it tries to be. it's just over an hour and a half, it didn't get stale or boring. i think it's better in theatre maybe with some friends. all in all it's good and i had fun.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

PUMPING BLOOD AT FULL THROTTLE Nobody is a constant pure adrenaline, a film that it takes to release the nerves, with intense action, irony and balls. Directed by the brilliant Ilya Naishuller, taking into account the smallest details (as it was for Hardcore), illuminating the chaos with intelligent shots, without leaving anything to chance and enhancing the emotions during the action. A story that is as simple as it is banal, but which manages to entertain in its intent and in its simplicity. Great cast with a fantastic Bob Odenkirk who leads scene by scene as a good host and the legendary Christopher Lloyd who enchants and surprises. Small masterpiece that pumps blood from the beginning to the end, immediately inserting itself as a great one in the ranks of the genre.

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