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Sex Tape (2014)

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1/10: This is a nothing movie...
Friday, July 25, 2014

This is a nothing movie "In my experience, the shorter the joke, the more effective. Ten seconds is hilarious, four minutes is embarrassing,"-Hope Chapman. This quote is perfect for describing "Sex Tape" starring Cameron Diaz (Annie) and Jason Segel (Jay). Even if every attempted joke didn't go on for five minutes, they were not funny to begin with and there are so many problems, big and small, that this movie has that it is almost impossible to see anything positive that came from this abomination that has been passed off as a movie.Being married for several years and now with two kids (Sebastian Hedges Thomas and Giselle Eisenberg), Annie and Jay decide to make a sex tape in an attempt to rekindle how their relationship was early on when they first met. Jay does not release the tape afterwards and accidentally sends it out to everyone he's ever bought an iPad for, including their friends Robby...

3/10: The Trailer is Better Than...
Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Trailer is Better Than the Whole Film! When they were just dating, Jay and Annie had the best sex anywhere and anytime. Since they got married and had kids though, their sexual activity dipped to below zero. One frustrating night when their attempts for sex were going nowhere, Annie hits on the idea to take a video of themselves having sex to make things more exciting. Aroused by the camera, they had a three-hour sex marathon following all the positions prescribed in the book "The Joy of Sex".In the morning, Annie reminds Jay to delete the video. However, Jay inadvertently uploads the video onto the cloud and an app automatically shared it with people to whom they had given their old iPads to, including their kids, parents, friends, and even the mailman. Jay and Annie scramble to get all of these iPads back and off the internet.All of that I had written in the synopsis you...

7/10: Not (quite) as bad as...
Sunday, January 25, 2015

Not (quite) as bad as it's made out to be Okay, in case you haven't already heard, 'Sex Tape' has been pretty much slated everywhere. Currently it's up for goodness knows how many 'Razzie' awards for how bad it is. And, if you check out the online reviews, you'll see that most people pretty much agreed with its nominations.So, I sat down to watch it, confident in the knowledge that I'd probably be turning it off at about the half hour mark. I actually sat through it all the way.Yes, it's not that good. If you're looking for a laugh-a-minute comedy then you won't find it here. Also, if you're looking for some sort of touching, heart-felt comedy, you won't find that here, either. However, if you're generally okay with comedy which is totally based around sex and don't have your expectations too...

3/10: "Hollywood Has Gone Way Overboard...
Saturday, July 19, 2014

"Hollywood Has Gone Way Overboard With Sex Exploitation" First of all, let me say that the characters were great. Diaz and Segel are very talented, funny people in comic roles. The movie overall had a very cute, however stupid, story line, but the portrayal of that story line goes down hill in a hurry thanks to the direction of the film maker. Ever since Seth Grogan came on the scene, who's mouth spews filth from every direction, Hollywood has been pushing the limits with each new "comedy" film. Each director trying to outdo the other in terms of gross humor. There are no secrets left in sex. None. Everything is brought out on the screen and in disgusting dialog that leave little if any to one's imagination. Call me old fashion. Call me an old fart. I just don't see the humor in "Coc..s..ker and motherf...er over and over throughout the movie. What is...

3/10: A dark day for so...
Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A dark day for so called comedy Looking for comedy in a movie these days is like slogging through a deep, dark quagmire filled with Directors trying to out do themselves in profanity, nudity, greed and drug use and push the limits of shock... all the things "we" want to see....NOT.What ever happened to comedy that makes you -think-, instead of a constant bombardment of mindless, infantile dribble thrown at you.Yes, I am from the "stone age" and believe in good material and brilliant writers...and true classic comedy, light hearted or even a little dark, with some really good laughs. I'm not a puritan and an occasional swear word or two I can handle, as long as the story is a -good- one.Not only was I numb from all the F words, etc. but the moment that really turned me off to this whole story line was when the parents, searching to delete their...

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