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The Rock (1996)


8/10: Good solid action on Alcatraz
Monday, January 9, 2017

General Francis X. Hummel has had enough of the way US service personnel have been treated; especially how the families of those who died on top secret missions are told a string of lies and not compensated for their loss to this end he decides to blackmailing the government by stealing a quantity of deadly VX gas; taking over the island of Alcatraz and threatening to launch the gas into the city of San Francisco if is demands to compensate the families aren't met within forty hours. Of course he can't do this alone; he is supported by a squad of ex-marines who expect to be paid handsomely.The government have no intention of paying him so assemble a team to go to Alcatraz and neutralise the VX rockets that are to deploy the gas. The team will consist of a squad of Navy Seals; Stanley Goodspeed, an FBI specialist in chemical weapons and finally John Patrick...

10/10: An absolute classic
Monday, January 31, 2005

What can I say other than Connery at his best as usual? It's good to see Hollywood remembers the best. It's also good to see an American film portray us little Brits in such high regard.When else would you see a 60+ year old retired SAS agent who's been wrongfully banged up for 30 years and kept away from his daughter, break back into Alcatraz (after successfully breaking out all those years ago), take out an entire SEAL team almost empty handed, save 81 hostages held at gun point and a city of 5 Million held ransom with 15 deadly poisonous VX gas rockets?? Generally excellent acting by Ed Harris as you could expect and an almost convincing performance by Nicolas Cage....and thats just the half of it

8/10: Not so much a film, more a way of live
Tuesday, November 26, 2002

This has to be one of the best Action Films ever made!!! Nicholas Cage's performance as Stanley Goodspeed, is one of his best, far better than that of Memphis in Gone in 60 Seconds...And Sean Connery? a true movie legend, when these two get on screen together the two have a perfect chemistry. Ed Harris also shines as the Good/Bad General who just wants a Burial for his Ex-Comrades, and he especially shines when he and Commander Anderson (Brilitantly played by Michel Biehn) have an argument in the now famous Shower Room Massacre scene, one of the best bits of the film...All in all, a very good Action film, with a truly wonderful cast!, A classic

6/10: A compelling villain raises this above other Michael Bay fare; it's his best work, for sure
Monday, May 14, 2018

Its greatest strength is a compelling, well-developed and sympathetic villain whose motivations are consistently clear and understandable while he himself never strays from being anything other than a conscientious human with complex emotions. It is unfortunate, then, that the protagonists and ensuing action sequences are goofy as can be. 'The Rock (1996)' separates its bursts of militaristic patriotism, underlined by 'cool' slow motion, with quirky Cage quips and over-the-top explosions. These aspects all fall a little flat in the end, but they're fun enough while they last. 6/10

10/10: Classic Action Movie
Friday, November 5, 2004

This movie is all a man could hope for in a movie these days. Action packed, but followed with a meaningful story that relates to today. The harsh reality is, what takes place within the movie is not too far off from what could happen in reality. I feel that if anyone fears domestic terrorism as well as foreign terrorism, this movie is a must see, while it bends the facts a tad for action and interest sake, its central story is compelling and thought-provoking.The best quote of this movie: "This isn't about terrorism, this about justice. It's about reminding you people of something you find politically convenient to forget."-General Hummel

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