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Sicko (2007)

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9/10: The most important film that you'll see all year
Friday, June 29, 2007

There is one film this year that every American needs to see. That seems to be the general consensus about Michael Moore's new documentary, Sicko.After just watching the movie, I can say that this is the most important film that is going to be released in 2007. It may be the most important film for some time after, as well.This movie is filled with deeply touching and heartbreaking moments. The story of a man having to choose which finger is going to be reattached: the middle finger, which will cost $60,000, or the ring finger, which will cost only $12,000. A mother, who's infant is refused treatment from a hospital because her insurance company wants her to go to a company owned hospital. A couple in their fifties who have insurance, but have to sell their home and move into their daughter's basement because they accrued so much debt from illness that they...

10/10: A Ghoulish System
Saturday, June 16, 2007

SICKO is right on target. The US is 37th in the world in terms of quality of health care--slightly ahead of Slovenia, but behind Costa Rica--but number one in terms of per capita health care spending, or $7,000 per person per annum.Michael Moore chose the title "Sicko" for the movie, but what I think he meant by this was "ghoul," which is an Arabic word, among so many in English. In Muslim folklore, a ghoul was an evil spirit believed to plunder graves and feed on corpses.What is the for-profit, insurance industry run, so-called "health care" system, then, if not a truly evil racket run by conscienceless, psychopathic ghouls who feed on human flesh? And the only way you combat this system--long buttressed by the government, the insurance companies and the AMA--is to take the profit motive out of it: it is an immoral motive when it comes to people's...

10/10: A massive wake up call for an entire nation
Sunday, June 17, 2007

I personally have never really been a fan of Michael Moore. I find him to be an attention whore more than a fact teller. This piece is no different, but with a twist. He comes with easily checkable facts & lots of them.Any American who watches this will (unless they are a CEO of an HMO) be appalled by what they see. Any person from Canada, United Kingdom, France or even Cuba who may see this will be thankful of the system they have in place.The American health system has been openly criticized for a long time because they don't have Universal healthcare. After seeing the horror stories of the individuals in this story, including the deaths of people with "coverage" in the U.S. it makes me thankful for being a Canadian citizen.Of course, you may say "well what do you know, you don't live here" & while this may be true, I have lots of...

10/10: Watch it
Saturday, June 16, 2007

I've watched all of Moore's documentaries and this one is far and away the best. There's none of the polemical fireworks of Fahrenheit; it's a film that examines people's lives and Moore simply allows lots of space for their stories to be told. This is a very balanced look at the American health care system and is a documentary with optimism and hope despite being very bleak in places. Moore tries really hard I think to talk to American audiences in his films - he frames his issues with wit and a deep sense of wanting things to change. Hopefully, this one will have some effect in America where it is most needed. I've heard that even Republicans have come out of cinemas moved by its message and perhaps a little disturbed by what it has to say about some elements of the American system. The masterstroke of the film is the revelation that Moore...

9/10: Canadian Healthcare
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Please pull the silver spoon out of your ass, and God help you if you ever actually become ill. As a Canadian citizen who became ill on American soil without my healthcare coverage that extends to other countries i would have had a medical bill for $6,000 for the following treatment hospital bed, 10 minutes with a doctor, blood sampling and signing the forms upon my release. Perhaps i might have had a 45 minute wait in Canada but at least it wouldn't have cost the same amount as my first year university tuition. And what would i have done if my insurance company had later denied my claim? It is a governments responsibility to care for its citizens, America has failed and although the Canadian system may not be perfect (please remove your rose coloured glasses) its not leaving millions of HMO recipients holding the bag. It is also not bankrupting families of sick children having to...

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