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Don Juan DeMarco (1994)


**He who says every woman...
Tuesday, April 14, 2020

**He who says every woman is a mystery to be solved.** One of the earliest films for Johnny Depp and very surprising. Thematically, the film is for the grown ups, but well made without too much sexual exploit. That means you can comfortably sit and watch with your family. This is not actually about Don Juan, but kind of 'The Fall'. I mean the flashback reveals everything and remains as a mystery. The story follows a man who himself declares the real Don Juan DeMarco, the greatest lover of the world. So he ends in a psychiatric centre for the treatment after trying to commit suicide. A doctor who is on the verge to retire set to treat him and when the DeMarco narrates his life story, the doctor too inspires to reinstate his romantic life. The remaining narration tells how they work out to solve the issue once for all. Not a masterpiece, but kind of interesting drama, particularly...

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