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Dragnet (1987)


8/10: The Dan Aykroyd Show
Monday, December 3, 2007

Dragnet' is the movie Dan Aykroyd must have lived his whole life (up till then) to make. It is truly a moment of cosmic destiny that sees him donning the guise of Sgt. Joe Friday, nephew of the original, and it fits him like a glove. The film itself has its lags and fizzled gags, but Aykroyd himself has never been better. The machine-gun verbal delivery he honed to perfection on 'Saturday Night Live' is given its best showcase here, and even though Tom Hanks is on board as well and is very likable and funny, make no mistake- this is Dan Aykroyd's show all the way. The best moments of 'Dragnet' come when he spews his rapid-fire dialogue at anyone and everyone; quoting regulations, lecturing bad guys and co-workers alike on everything from sex to zoo animals, declaring his love for Los Angeles and its police department, and generally being so straight a straight-arrow...

8/10: Just the facts
Thursday, February 14, 2019

The beauty of 1987's Dragnet is that you can tell that Dan Ackroyd is having the time of his life. "I've had a fascination with Joe Friday since I was a kid. Next to Clouseau, he's the most famous cop in the world. I've studied his speech inflections, his mannerisms, his walk. During filming, I'd listen to tapes of the old shows. I even started dreaming in character. If there was ever a character I'd always wanted to play, it was this. I'm a huge fan of Jack Webb's. I basically just love everything he did. Dragnet was something I'd always wanted to do, but I never thought the opportunity would come up, because I didn't know who owned the rights to the idea. When Universal called and said they were interested in doing it, I think I made a deal to write the script the next week."A lifelong...

9/10: Still funny to me
Sunday, May 18, 2008

DRAGNET might not be the absolute funniest film of all time, but I still find it to be a very funny film. It just may be the best work that Dan Ackroyd has ever done; we know Tom Hanks went on to much bigger things, but I still like him in this. I still find a lot of the movie funny and entertaining, mainly due to Dan Ackroyd's dead-on impression of just-the-facts cop Sgt. Joe Friday. Oh, and Tom Hanks isn't bad either as Friday's partner Det. Pep Streebek. It's great to see Hanks when he still did purely fun movies before he became an Oscar-winning bigshot.I remember TV guide saying that 'the plot is thin' back in its initial review of the film and it is. But it is enjoyable nonetheless. Ackroyd and Hanks make a great comedy pairing with Friday the straight man and Streebek the fool (sometimes they...

4/10: A Lame, Directionless Parody, Despite its Inspired Casting
Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A big budget effort to revive the long-dormant TV series with a snarkier, more wise-cracking slant. Dan Aykroyd is in his element as the super stiff, by-the-books Joe Friday (nephew of the original protagonist), while Tom Hanks often feels like he tries too hard as the detective's wacky, off-kilter new partner. The two play their roles well, but oddly don't have much of a rapport and feel like they're more wrapped up in the eccentricities of the characters than what's going on around them. I can't really blame them - the plot doesn't seem appropriate, or even all that interesting. Why stick to the guidelines of a basic detective story when you can dive into the overcomplicated saga of an evil pagan minister with deep political ties and a weakness for sacrificial virgins, I guess? It's a terrible match for the cast, who seem as puzzled by it as...

2/10: Worst Hanks Film I've Seen
Thursday, February 17, 2005

This is by far the worst Hanks film i've seen. I'm not sure whether this film is supposed to be a spoof or that it is just that bad. Dan Akroyd is a good actor but goes overboard in this film, he feels as if he has to get every sentence out as quick as he can, yes it adds to his character but after a while it gets annoying. However I cant just blame Akroyd's performance, the dialogue which he had to work with was very shabby, there didn't seem a connection between Hanks and Akroyd like there was for instance in Pulp Fiction with Travolta and Jackson.After watching Hanks in films like Saving Private Ryan and Forrest Gump I found it hard to associate him with this happy-go cop, however I thought he did well giving again the dire script he had to work with. I'm glad directors were able to...

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