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King Richard (2021)


7/10: Not Bad
Monday, November 8, 2021

So, I walked into this one blind as I didn't know what the story was about exactly as prior to watching I only did a brief Google search & seen it was a Will Smith film about Tennis. Still, I went to see this & thought it wasn't bad afterwards.The film follows King Richard, a die hard Tennis player & a father to 5 daughters, 2 of which aspire to be World Tennis Champions. They must work hard & push to make their way to the top, though challenges & conflict with their stubborn father arise as they start to get attention.I found the film to be good, the story keeps you interested as the film progresses. The scenes were good, the script was alright & the actors all done well with the parts with a feel good theme throughout.I will say however, the film dragged in a lot of areas & the runtime is overly long a 2 hours & 18 minutes...

8/10: The most inspiring film of 2021
Monday, November 8, 2021

I could not be more privileged to see an early screening of "King Richard" as this was a fun, fantastic, and inspiring experience. I expect a positive response once this releases, and I would not be surprised if this gets nominated for the Oscars. There were some touching moments, and I remember getting goosebumps in the cinema. The plot overall was outstanding, with Will Smith playing his role exceptionally well alongside the supporting actors. On top of that, it was shot beautifully, notably during the tennis scenes, making the film more fast-paced and enjoyable to watch. In my opinion, this has got to be the most inspiring film of the year. Loved it

10/10: Emotional, beautiful, and captivating
Wednesday, November 10, 2021

I do not know how anyone could leave this movie wanting to give it anything less than an 8. The acting, directing, and storytelling are all top notch.Trust me, if you are thinking about going to see this movie, do it. Do not be influenced by some of the negative reviewers on here who probably have not even seen the movie. I think some of the reviewers must have a vendetta against either the Williams sisters, their father, or maybe even Will Smith. Do not pay any attention, please.This movie will take your breath away and leave you feeling so good. It is a movie that your entire family can enjoy.It is the best sports biopic that I have ever seen

7/10: Not a king but knows what he wants
Monday, November 8, 2021

Was lucky enough to get to an advanced screening and wasn't disappointed. Will Smith is superb but the star of this show is Aunjanue Ellis every scene she is in has you glued to the screen. The couple of hours flew by and there isn't one dull moment, there's a lot of comical moments in the film which have you chuckling as well as tense drama, a perfect mix. As with all biopics you aren't sure how much is exaggerated but the fact the Williams sisters had a hand is this film makes you think this could be pretty close to the truth. Definitely worth the couple of hours of your time

7/10: Awesome Will meets mediocre movie
Thursday, October 21, 2021

This movie looks like it was written for Will Smith. The script fits him so well. He can show off hs comedic style as well as the serious drama bits. Oscar nomination guaranteed.Where this movie makes you laugh and entertains you while Will is in it, thats also its biggest weakness. I've seen it a week ago and I cant remember any scene, where WIll wasnt in it, thats dangerous for the movie and its plot.Personally I wish it would have shown the journey of the WIlliams sisters even more into their later career stage, but this movie is NOT really about them, its about King Richard

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