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The King's Man (2021)


10/10: The King’s Man is a mostly harmless movie, unless you, like Rasputin, “consider being boring offensive”; if that’s the case, then you’re most likely going to want to demand satisfaction from co-writer/director Matthew Vaughn. This is an exceedingly long movie, yet it somehow can’t or won’t find the time or space to fit in a little logic
Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Consider the following. A group of British citizens go to Moscow to kill Rasputin, whom they believe to be a pernicious influence on the Tsar – and that he is, but that doesn’t change the fact that Rasputin remains the Tsar’s closest and most trusted advisor. One would not expect the Russian monarch to be too keen on continuing his alliance with England if he knew a bunch of English covert agents just assassinated, with extreme prejudice, his right hand man. Fortunately he never finds out – or at least doesn’t appear to do so; the scene where the British cover up the murder and make it look like an accident or whatever has gone missing, presumably because it was never written, let alone shot. Having said that, I rather liked Rasputin’s death scene, which recreates all manners of his fabled death (or, to be more specific, the myth surrounding it created by Prince Felix Yusupov); poison, beating...

This movie ended up being...
Monday, July 4, 2022

This movie ended up being quite unique and not in a good way. The uniqueness comes from the fact that I actually agree with the critics rating at that abysmally woke, leftist and useless site Rotten Tomatoes that this movie is not very good. That I agree with that rubbish site is rare indeed. As a standalone movie I probably would have rated it higher but as a movie in the Kingsman franchise I have to say that it was a disappointment. The movie sets a quite different tone than the other Kingsman movies. This movie is quite gloomy. The story, which takes the history of the first world war and the Russian revolution and rewrites everything behind those events, is pretty ridiculous. The stories in the two previous Kingsman movies was no masterpieces but this historical rewrite is just wrong. Especially when playing with historical events that has caused more suffering than more or less anything else in modern...

After being delayed multiple times...
Friday, April 29, 2022

After being delayed multiple times from a planned November 2019 release; Writer/Director Matthew Vaughn has released the third film in the “Kingsman “film series with “The King’s Man”. This time around the movie looks back to the origins of the society dedicated to peace and solving global conflicts before they can escalate. In pre-World War I Europe; wealthy pacifist Orlando Oxford (Ralph Finnes); looks to raise his son Conrad (Harris Dickinson); following the tragic loss of his wife some years earlier on a Red Cross mission. When events kick off the war; Conrad wishes to enlist and fight and his father is able to keep this from happening as he wants his son to avoid the horrors of war. At the same time; a secret Cabal has been plotting to start the war and manipulate the outcome and one of the agents named Rasputin (Rhys Ifans); looms prominently due to his influence over the Czar of Russia...

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