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Tully (2018)

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**_Examining something rarely seen on...
Monday, June 1, 2020

**_Examining something rarely seen on screen_** > _It was important for me to tell this story because I've seen other representations of motherhood, but they tend to be humorous. Mommy needs vodka. The coffee mug slogan. And I thought no one has really gotten gritty with it. Because there's a side of it that's dark. And it used to be enough to be just a good caretaker and now it's that you need to be a good caretaker, you also need to be fit, hot, successful, etc. And it's a lot._ - Diablo Cody; "Diablo Cody on how _Tully_ was inspired by her own struggles with motherhood" (E. Oliver Whitney); _ScreenCrush_ (May 2, 2018) _Tully_ tells the story of Marlo (Charlize Theron), a New York suburbanite pregnant with her third child. Her husband, Drew (Ron Livingstone) is loving, but somewhat neglectful, showing more interest in playing video games than helping Tully maintain the house and family. Clueless...

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