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The Transporter (2002)


6/10: Enjoyable action film
Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Transporter is set in Marseille in France where ex-military man Frank Martin (Jason Statham) is known to the criminal underworld as a 'Transporter', a man who who can act as a getaway driver or deliver an illegal cargo from one place to another. Frank accepts a job to transport a bag across France, on the way to his destination Frank gets a flat tyre & has to get the spare from the boot & notices that the bag is moving. Curious Frank takes a look inside the bag & sees a Chinese woman named Lai (Qi Shu), Frank delivers the cargo to the destination & gangster Wall Street (Matt Schulze) gives Frank a suitcase to take back with him but it turns out it's packed with explosive & blows Frank's car up while he is inside a roadside café. Wall Street wants Frank dead & sets out to kill him while Frank reluctantly rescues Lai who tells him of an operation to...

8/10: Good mindless fun
Saturday, September 18, 2010

Action star Jason Statham is Frank, the eponymous transporter who will deliver anything for a price. He has three simple rules; never change the plan, no names, and don't look in the package. On his latest job he breaks the third rule and discovers that he has a beautiful Chinese woman in the boot of his car. Knowing that he is delivering a person against their will doesn't cause him to abandon the job although he does let her have a drink. When he delivers her he is offered another simpler job; just delivering a case this time. Luckily for Frank he stops off to get some refreshments because as he returns to his car it explodes. Displeased about this he returns to the house he'd dropped the woman at and helps himself to one of the cars there; but not before beating up a load of goons. As he drives away he discovers that the Chinese...

6/10: Transporter Delivers Action Without Proper Storytelling
Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Transporter is an action film directed by Louis Leterrier and Corey Yuen and written by Luc Besson.The film stars Jason Statham as Frank Martin, a driver for hire – a mercenary "transporter" who will deliver anything, anywhere – no questions asked – for the right price.In the movie, he finds his life becoming all the more dangerous when he turns against a gang of criminals.It also stars Shu Qi as Lai Kwai.The Transpoter presents Frank Martin as a former Special Forces officer who lives on the French Mediterranean that has a lucrative second career as a underworld courier for hire. He will deliver anything anywhere, but he has three iron-clad rules - once the plan is in motion it cannot be changed, neither he nor his customers are to ever use their real names, and under no circumstances will he open the package. Martin is hired to make a delivery to a wealthy but unscrupulous American known as...

9/10: The Transporter
Monday, April 25, 2016

Incredible fight choreography and Statham athleticism (along with his usual cool and charisma), along with cars and buildings that go Kaboom!, offer plenty for action fans to embrace in this custom made star vehicle that follows a highly paid ex-military mercenary who performs tasks for customers with particular "packages" they want delivered to specific locations under certain conditions. He has rules to abide by so that the transport goes without a hitch. Well, he "opens a package" and what stares from within his trunk is a very pretty Asian woman (Qui Shu). She tells him of slaves being transported by those who hired him to bring her to them. If he doesn't help her they will die or be sold. What ultimately triggers his war with these dirtbags who initially hired him to bring them Shu is their attempt to blow him up in his car, a bomb disguised as another package for him to deliver. When they...

6/10: Brisk and slick French action thriller
Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A sleek and efficient action thriller from the guys who brought you KISS OF THE DRAGON. Although not equalling the heights of that particular movie, this is nevertheless a fully enjoyable tale of big bad guys, slimy bad guys, a lone action hero and a pretty tag-along Chinese girl (Shu Qi, who manages to be annoying, but not too much). The setting, once again, is France, so expect lots of breakneck car chases through the streets of Nice, some stunning locations, and lots of outrageous staged action sequences which will have you shaking your head in amazement – in a good way. Jason Statham is, it has to be said, no Jet Li, but instead he brings a kind of hardman toughness to his performance as the skinheaded hero, who strips off his shirt to battle the bad guys time and time again. I like Statham, and I hope to see him in more action movies to come. Out of...

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