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Death Race (2008)


Saturday, May 9, 2020

One night, I was browsing through the action film section on Netflix, and my eyes stumbled across this film's poster and thought to myself "Hmm, Death Race starring Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson hey?" I thought it Might be entertaining.I enjoyed other films with these two actors like "Crank", the "Transformers" film series, and "The Fast And The Furious" film series.So I didn't expect anything but a big dumb action film on the same level of intelligence as the films previously mentioned, but what I got was, something else.The first ten minutes of the film do a brilliant job at showing us how cruel and unforgiving this economy is, not even two minutes into the film, we witness one of the racers getting shot in the face, then his car using a demolished car as a ramp upwards and crashing straight into a steel wall, killing the female navigator instantly.Then the next scene show...

8/10: Despite All The Prison Clichés, It Was An Entertaining Film
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Regardless of the politically-correct finish to this film and the predictable prison stereotypes, this was a fun film to watch simply because it entertained. It was a good diversion, filled with total nonsense mayhem and testosterone-gone-wild. In other words, this was a typical Jason Statham film. No matter how many of these ultra-macho men he plays, he gets away with it with charm and likability.In this story, Statham as "Jensen Ames" is like David battling Goliath but with no slingshot and Goliath having a flame thrower and AK-47, too. Yet, you just know "David" will a find to defy all odds! Here are some movie clich├ęs of today. See if they sound familiar.Not only has our hero suffer with his beautiful and loving wife murdered, but he's framed for the kill. Sent a brutal prison, he finds the female warden is responsible, and the killer of his wife also is in the...

7/10: Now that's entertainment
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I wasn't looking for anything deep, I wasn't looking for anything serious, no Oscar winning actors, no award winning script, I just wanted an action movie, this summer we got Death Race, a movie where the script and characters are just never explored, but the action is non stop and so exciting. I don't know why, but we just need action movies like that and one of the things that I did enjoy about this was that it reminded me of those old grind house films that have quick editing and fast paced stories that are just awesome stories to watch because of the stunts. This is a different form of The Fast and The Furious, only just not with all the fancy gadgets which I like. Also, Jason Statham, this guy is just awesome in action movies, he makes such a great lead in any action role and is such an awesome tough guy that you...

3/10: Car Crash
Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jason 'one-dimensional' Statham appears in another film of brainless action and mind-numbing car races. The script is cheap recycled material, which exploits the unimaginative crash-bang-wallop of the film.The films key audience is the young-gamer, gizmo's generation. The film is created as a fast-paced action computer game hoping lots of crashes, burning cars and weaponry will entice. For the majority Death Race is way too brash, ugly and destructive to appeal, indeed the car scenes are messily edited and repeated.If the stereotypical and annoying characters are not enough to halt proceedings the endless one-liners should do the trick. This is where I can give Statham credit, he does have the ability to churn out cheesy and ill-opportune 'one-liners' with an ounce of believability and authority, which his co-cast cannot do.Death Race is unashamedly one-dimensional and the idea that placing a few guns on tops of cars...

6/10: Twisted Metal meets Mad Max
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I was able to attend the advanced screening here in Dallas and must say I enjoyed myself immensely. While anyone going into this film expecting anything more then a thin veil of a plot will be sorely disappointed, it will definitely entertain those who have the right expectations. That said, this is a no holds barred, testosterone fueled thrill ride. Think of the game Twisted Metal, then throw in convicts, a greedy warden looking only at the profit and you have Death Race. While the movie has plenty of explosions, machine guns, armored cars, gore and beautiful females, there was enough humor and sentiment thrown in to make it all seem worthwhile. Definitely an entertaining film, and one that any over-the-top action movie junkie will surely add to their collection

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